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The Department of Biological Sciences has two minors: a minor in biology and a minor in biology with teaching certification.

Minor in Biology

A student wishing to minor in biology must take a total of 21 semester hours. Students pursuing a degree in biology or biomedical sciences may not declare a minor in biology.

Minor in Biology with Teaching Certification

Students who minor in biology and wish to receive their teaching certification must couple the minor with a secondary certification in another discipline to qualify to teach biology at the secondary level. Students enrolled in a teaching program other than science who desire teaching certification in biology will be required to take ESE 561 (Teaching Science in the Secondary Schools) and student teach in biology. Please note that the biology minor GPA must be 2.75 or greater to seek certification in biology. The minor certification cannot be recommended until the secondary teaching program is completed and a recommendation for certification has been processed. Appropriate PRAXIS exams must be completed for each area of certification being recommended.