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Department History

The Department of Computer Science started its operation on July 3, 2000; however, the Computer Science (CS) program is a mature and well-established program at EKU. It was created in the Department of Mathematical Sciences in 1975. By 1999 it was obvious that the program had out grown its setting and it was time for its independence. The new department consists of seven tenured faculty (including the chair), two visiting faculty, one laboratory manager and one secretary.

The Computer Science and Information Technology program prepares students for their future as computer professionals. It was the first computer science program in Kentucky to be accredited by the Computer Science Accreditation Board (CSAB) (in 1990). The students in this program are above average. The average ACT composite for students majoring in computer science over the last five years is 22.73, compared to a university average of 19.28.

In addition to the regular baccalaureate degree in computer science, the department offers a baccalaureate degree in computer science with an option in technology. The majority of the supporting courses for the computer science technology option are electricity and electronics technology (EET) courses offered by the Department of Applied Engineering and Technology. The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology also offers two minors, one in computer science and another in computer science teaching.

Another exciting event in our department history is the approval of the new master of science degree in applied computing. This program is an interdisciplinary graduate program with options in software engineering, business computing and industrial computing, designed for the people in the EKU service area. The proposed program is tailored to serve both computing professionals working in business/industry sites who seek an advanced degree to improve their job skills and the computer teachers/lab managers in the secondary schools, community colleges and technical schools within EKU’s service area. Courses in the proposed program will be offered during evenings and on weekends. This provides an educational opportunity for students who are unable to attend daytime classes. Currently, there is no evening program in applied computing in this region.

By far the greatest strength of the department is its faculty. All of the permanent faculty in the department have earned doctorate degrees. Classes are taught by talented, experienced and caring faculty who believe in individualized attention for their students.