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HPRS 9 History 9 General Education Assessment Framework

General Education Assessment Framework

Syllabus Starters

Below you find information regarding how to write your syllabi for general ed assessment.

Assessment Essays

Faculty who teach General Education courses in History (HIS 100, 101, 102, 103, 204W, or 205) must assign an essay that requires students to analyze a primary source. The link to the framework for that assignment is found on the Faculty and Staff Resources webpage. You must submit 10 randomly selected essays from each section you teach along with the prompt and primary document that you used/assigned for them to analyze.

To the student:

Write a well organized, no more than four page analysis of this source that argues what the source tells us about the society in which it was written.  Your paper must construct a thesis; use specific details from the document to support that thesis.  In some way, your essay must address the following questions:

  1. When was this document written?  Who was the author and who was the intended audience?
  2. Why was this document written—what did the author want to accomplish by writing or speaking this document?  What kind of mindset/attitudes did the author bring to/have on his/her subject?
  3. What does the document reveal about what was happening in the society in which it was produced?  What events were taking place to which the documents refers, either directly or indirectly?

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