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— Major Options —

Becoming a TR major was the best decision I ever made! Everyone in this major is so kind and helpful, it’s like having a second family. I can’t wait to meet the new REC students each semester!

Jennifer Brown

I think that Parks and Recreation is the greatest major around! It gives you the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. As for me personally, I want to work with youth-at-risk. To be there for someone and to make a difference in his or her life gives me the greatest satisfaction. I remember like it was yesterday going to Spotlight Say at EKU and stopping by the Parks and Rec table. After talking with some of the grad students I knew that this was the major for me.

Dan Eastham

I love the Recreation department. It’s become a family to me and I’ve made friendships that I will always cherish. Being a Rec major is a perfect way to really bring enjoyment into people’s lives and your own.

Jessica Cook

— Agencies —

The City of Richmond Parks & Recreation Department and the EKU Department of Recreation and Park Administration have a great working relationship and are a valuable resource to one another.  Students are involved in planning large events like our Easter Eggstravaganza in the Spring and the Halloween Hoe-Down in the Fall. Interns have also been used in our office and for our programs, which offers valuable on-the-job training for future Parks Professionals.  We enjoy working with the students and the professors to be able to offer many wonderful programs to the community.

Erin Moore

Assistant Director, Richmond Parks and Recreation

Through experiential learning partnerships with our department, the students within the Department of Recreation and Park Administration at Eastern Kentucky University have had a direct hand in increasing the quality of life for thousands of Berea residents. They have conducted field research and produced useable data, completed park improvement projects, and have facilitated a variety of recreation programs; all experiences that create graduates who enter the field “work ready”. The department produces talented professionals with competitive skills, making it the top program in the state of Kentucky.

Maggy Kriebel

Director, Berea Parks and Recreation Department

— Graduate Students —

Grad school is a big decision and for me it was a little intimidating. You always have those thoughts in the back of your head like, “can I do this” “do I have enough time” or “do I have what it takes”? Well, I found that I could do all these things! The RPA Masters program at EKU helped me understand my importance, allowed me to be creative and think outside the box. Not only did I find a family with the RPA department, but I found my passion for life.

Erin Gillespie

I’m excited and encouraged by our Recreation and Park Administration graduate program at EKU. We are moving in new directions with a plethora of courses geared to fit your emphasis within the major. The department continues to challenge us, and Dr. McChesney helps open doors with job opportunities in teaching, national park settings, and jobs on the state and federal level. So, what’s a good reason to join our department? The faculty, staff, and students are full of energy, caring, and most of all, we are one of the Top 10 longest accredited programs in the nation!

Emerson St. John

As an undergraduate student at EKU I had a great experience. EKU’s Department of Recreation and Parks Administration made sure to maintain that experience for me when I enrolled in their M.S. program. More than that, the caring and challenging professors I was introduced to within the department enhanced many aspects of my college experience, and more than adequately prepared me for a career in the field of recreation.

Joseph Jaspersen

— Alumni with Professional Positions —

Coming from outside the degree program gave me an advantage over many of my peers because I was endowed with a great deal of diverse experiences. The tasks and projects assigned in the Recreation and Park Administration Graduate Program gave me the confidence to tackle real world issues with a great deal of confidence!

Joe Mounce

Park Manager, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

My time spent at EKU was a wonderful growing experience for me. Graduating from the Department of Recreation and Park Administration opened my eyes to a whole world of self-discovery. I gained an amazing education, made lasting ties to the faculty and fellow students, as well as, used my Education to make a difference. I feel incredibly blessed to have the instructors I had. Learning from them while they pushed me to go beyond what I thought my potential could be was most important. I would have never taken the risk of moving across the US to pursue an internship and career without their guidance and support. I am proud to be an EKU Alumni, but even more proud to have graduated from the Department of Recreation and Park Administration where my career allows me to make a difference in someone’s life everyday!

Anessa Snowden, CTRS

Senior Adult and Therapeutic Rec Program Administrator, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government-Division of Parks and Recreation

I would recommend EKU’s REC program to anyone. Choosing to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation and Park Administration at EKU was, quite possibly, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The REC department service learning projects not only helped me to become a more caring person, they developed skills and gave me experience that I’ve already used on the job. Internships and volunteer opportunities coordinated through the REC department forever changed my life, so what are YOU waiting for?!

Amanda D. Lasley

Park Ranger, North Carolina State Parks

I am so blessed to have been a part of the Parks and Rec department. The professors were great mentors that were always willing to help. I will never forget the pancake breakfast for the Begley custodial staff, Camp U-ROC, Easter Eggstravaganza, and of course the Dr. James McChesney Memorial Golf Tournament. The amount of selfless service that we did as a department was incredible and I am horned to have been a part of it. I learned so much about our profession and myself during my time there and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for such a great experience!

Erin Robinson Schneider

As an Alumni of the Class of 2001 and winner of the Outstanding Graduate Student Award for the Department of, I can honestly say that my experiences were undeniably the reasons why I am enjoying life to the fullest today. The Professors prepared me for life after school and challenged me to reach for a higher scholarly standard. Getting published right out of my Masters program set my personal standards so high, that I am just a few months away from graduating with my Ed.D in Educational Leadership. EKU equals Success!

Dr. Colin Turey

Science Teacher and Girls Basketball Coach

I cannot say enough good things about being a student at Eastern Kentucky University in the Department of Recreation and Park Administration. I love the size of the classrooms, the convenience of the campus and how available the instructors are. Any time I had a question or concern and needed to talk to someone, they were always there. If they weren’t the person that could help me they would put me in touch with someone that could. I recommend EKU to everyone I talk to. I got a great education at EKU and had a blast doing it!

Bethany Alcorn, CTRS

Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Shriners Hospital for Children

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