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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the location and contact information for the Office of Academic Testing?
You may find the Office of Academic Testing in Room 340 of the Whitlock Building. You may also call Academic Testing at 859-622-1281 or email Academic Testing.

What tests are administered by the Office of Academic Testing?
The Office of Academic Testing administers several University, state, and national tests. University tests administered by the office include HSRT, Residual ACT, University placement tests, and departmental credit-by-exam tests. State and national tests the office administers include the ACT, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), GED, Miller Analogies Test (MAT), LSAT, and CLEP.

How may I schedule tests?
You should contact the Office of Academic Testing to schedule HSRT, Residual ACT, departmental credit-by-exam tests, CLEP tests, the Miller Analogy Test, and University placement tests. If you wish to to schedule a national test administered at EKU, such as the ACT, the SAT, FAA, GED, the LSAT, or GRE subject tests, you may visit the national site to view information and register for the test online.

How much will placement testing cost me?
There is no charge for placement testing.

What is the deadline to pay for a test that I am registered for?
Any time before the test (space permitting). Once the student has paid the testing fee, they should hold on to the receipt and bring it to their test.

What types of calculators are permitted on math tests?
Standard scientific or graphing calculators are permitted on math exams. Miller Analogies Test (MAT) calculators are not permitted.

What is the difference between a Residual ACT and a National ACT?
The Residual ACT is administered several times each month at participating EKU campuses. The Residual ACT test results are valid ONLY at EKU and cannot be transferred to any other institution or agency. No reports will be issued by EKU to high schools, colleges, or scholarship agencies. A minimum of 60 days must elapse before another Residual test may be taken. The National ACT is administered on six national test dates each year. The National ACT test results WILL be reported to high schools, colleges, or scholarship agencies upon a student’s request.

Does the EKU Testing Office Accept KYOTE Scores?
Yes. If you have taken a KYOTE test and your scores indicate college readiness, those scores can be  emailed from your high school or community college testing office. In addition, in some cases, Academic Testing will also have access to view your scores via the KYOTE test result systems.

Do I need to take a placement test?
If you are a new or transfer student with an ACT sub-score less than 18 in English, less than 19 mathematics, and/or less than 20 in reading or you have an SAT reading score less than 470, SAT math score less than 460, or SAT writing score less than 430, then you should take placement tests. Placement testing is free, and you have two attempts to demonstrate college readiness proficiency through placement testing. KYOTE scores from high school or a community college that indicate college readiness may also exclude the need for placement testing.

Should I take the MAT 112/114 Prerequisite Skills Test?
You may take the MAT 112/114 Prerequisite Skills Test if your major requires MAT 112 or MAT 114. This test is administered by the Office of Academic Testing and may be scheduled like any other placement test.

Where do I park when I come on campus to take a test?
You will need to obtain a visitor pass from NuPark and park in the Alumni Coliseum lot.

What should I do to register for the PRAXIS test?
Students should contact the Office of Teacher Admission and Certification to get information about PRAXIS testing. The phone number is 859-622-1828.

Does the Academic Testing Office administer the GRE?
The Office of Academic Testing does not administer the GRE. Students may contact Prometric Test Center in Lexington, KY at 859-268-8147.

What office administers the GED and the Madison County Adult Education Program?
Eastern Kentucky University Adult Education Program prepares students for obtaining their GED. Our testing office administers GED testing once students have completed their GED preparation and pretesting. Students needing information on GED services may call 859-622-8065.

Academic Testing

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