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Testing Fees and Reference Guide

Fee Code Test   Location        Fee (per test)
  University Placement Exams

(Includes Academic Readiness course placement exams; MAT 112/114 Prerequisite Skills Test)

Whitlock Bldg. 340 No charge. Students with an application on file with the EKU Office of Admissions are allowed 2 attempts at placement testing. Students needing a third attempt at improving test scores in a subject area (English writing, math, or reading) must take the Residual ACT, the ACT, the SAT, or other approved exam.
  AP & IB Processing Whitlock Bldg. 340 No charge
  Federal Aviation Administration Testing Whitlock Bldg. 340

$175 (Payment will be made to PSI when registering)

ZACT Residual ACT Whitlock Bldg. 340 $80
(Administered at EKU)
Whitlock Bldg. 340 $93 + $25 EKU processing fee = $114

(Note: A student must pay the $89 CLEP exam fee by credit card to CLEP before taking the online test in the Academic Testing Center) 

ZCBE CLEP Processing
(Not administered at EKU)
Whitlock Bldg. 340 $25
ZCBE Dantes/DSST Processing Whitlock Bldg. 340 $25
ZCBE Departmental Credit-by-Exam Whitlock Bldg.  340 $25 + $30 per credit hour
  GED Whitlock Bldg. 340 $30 per test (Payment will be made to GED when registering)
HSRT Health Science Reasoning Test (HSRT) Whitlock Bldg. 340 $15.00
ZMAT Miller Analogies (MAT)
(Regularly Scheduled)
Whitlock Bldg. 340 $80 
ZMAT Miller Analogies (MAT)
Whitlock Bldg.  340 $90
ZOTH Proctored Tests Whitlock Bldg.  340 $30 per appointment (up to 2 hours)

Academic Testing

521 Lancaster Avenue
CPO 64, Whitlock Bldg. 340
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-1281
Fax: (859) 622-8830

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