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Eastern Kentucky University

College of Health Sciences

Center for Retention, Progression, and Graduation (RPG)

The Center for Retention, Progression, and Graduation is located in Rowlett 310/312. The space is a redesigned space to promote student learning, success, belongingness, and innovation.

  • Rowlett 312 (Student Lounge)
    • Microwave, fridge, couches, TVs, and moveable seating areas for study and engagement.
  • Rowlett 310 (Study Hall)
    • Circular tables and whiteboards/TVs for study and group work.
  • Rowlett 310 A (Small Computer Lab)
    • 8 computers, whiteboards, printers, projector, and projector screen for individual or group study.
  • Rowlett 310 B (Large Computer Lab)
    • 25 computers, whiteboard, projector and projector screen, printers, and other resources for individual study, printing, or group study.
  • Rowlett 309B (Study Stress Management/Relief Room)
    • Located on the mural wall of the 3rd floor of Rowlett you can find a room designed alongside OSOT students and faculty to promote stress management and relief. A space to spend up to 20 minutes relaxing and refocusing your brain and body for study, testing, or anything else you embark on!
  • Rowlett 3rd Floor Study tables
    • Outside rooms and areas along the 3rd floor of Rowlett are study tables for you to use and work at.

The Center for RPG is here for you and your success, additional resources include:

  • Books & resources for study (check them out with Mrs. Rupe in Rowlett 309A)
  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • Study materials (post-its, index cards, markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.)
  • Specialized programming
  • Learning Assistants (Tutors)
    • Learning Assistants can be found in Rowlett 310 (Study Hall) when available.
    • And more!

How can you connect and use the resources in the Center for RPG?Easy! Use any of the spaces during operational hours (8:00am-4:30pm) by simply scanning the QR code for check-in to let us know you’re visiting!

  • All spaces are unlocked and open by 8am for use at your convenience (unless we’re closed for a test, and signs are up put indicating that!)

Have an idea on how we could make the space more accessible or user friendly?

  • Stop by Rowlett 311 to see Dr. Jamie Woolery and chat about your ideas!


    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
      • Test days: closed, signs posted to indicate.
    • How can I check out books/supplies?
      • Just ask Mrs. Rupe in 309 or use any of the supplies that are out in the space for your success!
      • If you can’t find something, as us!
    • Can I take a book home?
      • No, but you are welcome to use it in the Center for RPG for as long as you need!
    • Can I take a whiteboard home?
      • Sure! Just let Mrs. Rupe know & she’ll sign it out for you!
    • Can I print in the computer labs?
      • Yes, of course! All computer labs have access to printers!
      • We also have a colored printer in Rowlett 310A.

We also have a cloud printer in Rowlett 310B.

College of Health Sciences

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