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College of Health Sciences 5 Center for Retention Progression and Graduation (RPG)

Center for Retention Progression and Graduation (RPG)

a faculty member looks at a student's display on Scholars Day
a student shows off a display on Scholars Day
men looking at displays on Scholars Day

The Center for Retention, Progression, and Graduation is located in Rowlett 310/312. The space is a redesigned space to promote student learning, success, belongingness, and innovation.

  • Rowlett 312 (Student Lounge)
    • Microwave, fridge, couches, TVs, and moveable seating areas for study and engagement.
  • Rowlett 310 (Study Hall)
    • Circular tables and whiteboards/TVs for study and group work.
  • Rowlett 310 A (Small Computer Lab)
    • 8 computers, whiteboards, printers, projector, and projector screen for individual or group study.
  • Rowlett 310 B (Large Computer Lab)
    • 25 computers, whiteboard, projector and projector screen, printers, and other resources for individual study, printing, or group study.
  • Rowlett 309B (Study Stress Management/Relief Room)
    • Located on the mural wall of the 3rd floor of Rowlett you can find a room designed alongside OSOT students and faculty to promote stress management and relief. A space to spend up to 20 minutes relaxing and refocusing your brain and body for study, testing, or anything else you embark on!
  • Rowlett 3rd Floor Study tables
    • Outside rooms and areas along the 3rd floor of Rowlett are study tables for you to use and work at.
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the LEAD Group 2023 poses
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a smiling student in a cap and gown
students in a commencement ceremony
a student speaks at a podium during commencement

The Center for RPG is here for you and your success, additional resources include:

  • Books & resources for study (check them out with Mrs. Rupe in Rowlett 309A)
  • Whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • Study materials (post-its, index cards, markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.)
  • Specialized programming
  • Learning Assistants (Tutors)
    • Learning Assistants can be found in Rowlett 310 (Study Hall) when available.
    • And more!

How can you connect and use the resources in the Center for RPG?Easy! Use any of the spaces during operational hours (8:00am-4:30pm) by simply scanning the QR code for check-in to let us know you’re visiting!

  • All spaces are unlocked and open by 8am for use at your convenience (unless we’re closed for a test, and signs are up put indicating that!)

Have an idea on how we could make the space more accessible or user friendly?

  • Stop by Rowlett 311 to see Dr. Jamie Woolery and chat about your ideas!


    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
      • Test days: closed, signs posted to indicate.
    • How can I check out books/supplies?
      • Just ask Mrs. Rupe in 309 or use any of the supplies that are out in the space for your success!
      • If you can’t find something, as us!
    • Can I take a book home?
      • No, but you are welcome to use it in the Center for RPG for as long as you need!
    • Can I take a whiteboard home?
      • Sure! Just let Mrs. Rupe know & she’ll sign it out for you!
    • Can I print in the computer labs?
      • Yes, of course! All computer labs have access to printers!
      • We also have a colored printer in Rowlett 310A.

We also have a cloud printer in Rowlett 310B.

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