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Advancing Teaching Excellence

The Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning offers three broad categories of programming to Advance Teaching Excellence. Click on each link to view more information, current programming, and archived materials.

Teaching and Learning Innovation Series (TLIs) 

The Teaching and Learning Innovation (TLI) Series features presentations and workshops with practical takeaways, to assist faculty and academic staff in creating effective learning environments that promote student success.

Goals include:

  • sharing knowledge and new ways of thinking about classroom and academic instruction,
  • presenting innovative strategies to engage students in their own learning experience,
  • providing ideas for small teaching changes that have a transformational impact, and
  • fostering opportunities for dialogue between peers, focused on teaching, learning, and scholarship.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is a cross-disciplinary group of 8-12 faculty and academic staff who engage in a collaborative semester-long program to ask questions about innovations in teaching and learning, explore teaching innovations, and generate products of value to the campus community (e.g., surveys, policy papers, teaching tools, presentations, and manuscripts). 

A PLC usually possesses several basic traits:

  • Cross-disciplinary (often combining faculty and professional staff)
  • 8-12 members (plus 1-2 facilitators)
  • Active, collaborative learning experience
  • Regular structured scholarly activities and discussions
  • Semester-length (though some run one year)
  • Often creates an end product (e.g., scholarship, conference, presentation, syllabus revision).

Teaching & Learning in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI)

In the age of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), teaching and learning are undergoing a profound transformation. At the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, we’re here to empower educators to embrace generative AI, drive positive change, and be leaders in the evolving world of higher education.

30-Minute Tech Tools

The 30-Minute Tech Tools series is a dynamic and concise professional development program designed to empower educators with the latest and most efficient technological tools for teaching and learning. Each session, lasting just 30 minutes, is packed with practical tips and actionable strategies, focusing on a specific tool or feature to maximize its potential in the educational environment.

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