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Use of Damage in a Fire Investigation.pdf

A New Method for the Characterization of the Degree of Fire Damage – Gorbett & Morris



An Examination of Fire Safety Perceptions and Behaviors – Grant

Scientific Method Use Application and Gap Analysis – G. Gorbett

Scientific Method-Use, Application and Gap Analysis 2 – G. Gorbett



Fire Investigation Origin Determination – G. Gorbett

Potential Ignition Sources – Hanks, Gorbett

Ordinary People and Effective Operation of Fire Extinguishers – Hicks

Vehicle Fire Burn Pattern Study Part 2 – Hicks & Gorbett



Up in Smoke – G. Gorbett



Development of and Assessment of a Decision – G. Gorbett

Fire Modeling Best Practices for Constructing Academic High Performance Computing Clusters – G. Gorbett

Fire Pattern Analysis with Low heat – Gorbett, Hicks

Vehicle Fire Burn Pattern Study – Hicks & Gorbett

Electrostatic Discharge Fires at Retail – Pharr



Handheld-raman-first-defender-for-explosives-id-thurman-may-2009-final_pdf’- T. Thurman

The Case for Unified Dispatch in Madison County – W. Hicks

The Investigation of Explosion Scenes – TomThurman



Computer Fire Models for Fire Investigation – G. Gorbett

Full Scale Single Fuel Package Fire Pattern Study – Hicks & Gorbett & Thurman



Gorbett – The Current Knowledge & Training

Traffic Management at Emergency Scenes – W. Hicks



Fire Pattern Persistence and Predictability – G. Gorbett

Full Scale Room Burn Pattern Study- Gorbett & Hicks

Advanced Fire Pattern Research – Hicks & Gorbett



Letter to the Editor – G. Gorbett



A Fire Analysis Tool Revisited – G. Corbett

Fire Dynamic Simulator and Smokeview Training – G. Gorbett

Outgassing Phenomena in Flash Point Testing – G.Gorbett

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