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Graduate School 5 Registration Guide

Registration Guide

Solutions to Common Registration Problems

While the vast majority of graduate students have few problems in registering for courses, here is a list of some of the most common issues along with their solutions.


Student Not Admitted to Graduate School

A student must be admitted to the Graduate School in order to register for graduate courses. Submission of an application does not constitute admission.


The student should check their admission status on EKU direct and submit all outstanding items to the Graduate School. The student will be notified when they have been officially admitted.

Provisional Admission

Students granted Provisional Admission are permitted to register for one semester only. Once a student registers, a registration hold is placed on the student’s record for any subsequent term. The hold is removed when the student has submitted all remaining materials and has met the conditions for Clear Admission.


The student should check their admission status on EKU direct and submit all outstanding items to the Graduate School. The student will be notified when they have been granted Clear Admission.

Students Admitted on Probation

A student admitted on Probation must meet the requirements for Clear Admission before registering for more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit. For example, if a student registers and completes 6 semester hours during the first term, but then tries to register for 9 hours the following term, the student’s registration will be blocked because the total number of hours registered under Probationary Admission status exceeds the 12 hours permitted under the Probationary Admission policy.


The advisor and student should plan the student’s program in a manner that permits the student to achieve clear admission before registering for more than 12 hours.

Student Has Been Not Enrolled for More Than Two Years

A student who has not registered for classes for more than two years must be reinstated under the University’s Catalog Applicability policy. Any student reinstated after not attending for more than two years must abide by the catalog requirements that are in effect at the time of reinstatement.


• If the student has been out more than 2 years but less than 5 years, the Graduate Program Director may request that the student be readmitted to the program using the “Continuation of Admission” form and forwarded to the Graduate School.

• If the student has been out more than five years, the student must formally reapply for admission to the Graduate School. Before the student can be readmitted, the department must provide a letter addressing how the student’s program will be completed within the 7-year time limit under the Graduate School’s time to degree policy.

Graduation Holds

When a student applies for graduation, a registration hold is placed on the student’s record for all subsequent terms. This is to prohibit students from taking courses in another graduate program without having been formally admitted to the program and appropriately advised.


Occasionally, there are instances where continuation is appropriate. For example, a student who is completing a master’s degree but wishes to continue enrollment in a Specialist of Doctoral program. In such cases, the graduate program advisor for the new program may submit a Continuation of Admission form on behalf of the student.



Student Dismissals

Students may sometimes register for classes but then find that their registration has been administratively cancelled. The most likely cause of this action is that the student has been dismissed from the graduate program.

Dismissal of Students Admitted on Probation: Any student admitted on Probation must have attained a graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher upon completion of 12 graduate hours. Students who do not meet this requirement are dismissed from the program and will be administratively dropped from registration in any courses. There is no appeal (other than a grade change) for students on Probationary Admission that are dismissed from a graduate program.

Dismissal due to Academic Probation: Any student with Clear Admission who falls below a the minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 is placed on Academic Warning and is given one additional term to raise the GPA above the 3.0 minimum. If this does not occur, the student will be Academically Dismissed. An Academically Dismissed student may be reinstated in the program upon the recommendation of the program. The recommendation should be accompanied by a detailed plan for returning the student to good academic standing by repeating courses with unacceptable grades. As no student is permitted to graduate with a GPA of less than 3.0, programs are strongly encouraged to carefully evaluate the academic potential of dismissed students before recommending them for reinstatement in the program.



Contacting the Graduate School

Faculty, advisors and graduate program coordinators may contact the Graduate School if they have questions about the registration process or if their students encounter difficulties. For registration issues other than Graduation Holds, faculty should contact the Graduate Admissions Specialist assigned to their College. Questions about Graduation Holds should be referred to

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