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Graduate School 5 Graduation and Commencement

Graduation and Commencement

Graduate Program Coordinators



The names and email addresses for EKU’s graduate program coordinators are listed in the table below. Please contact the appropriate coordinator for your program if you have questions about the admission requirements or need other information about the program. 

Graduate Program Coordinators

Graduate Program


EKU Online Contact
(Online Program or Online Concentration)

Master of Arts:    
Communication Disorders Dr. Jade Robinson  
English & Writing Professions Dr. Gerald Nachtwey  
History Dr. Joshua Lynn  
Mental Health Counseling Dr. James McGinn  
Applied Mathematics Dr. Jeffrey Neugebauer  
Master of Arts in Education:    
Elementary Education Dr. Emily Zuccaro John Hepner
School Leadership Dr. Ann Burns John Hepner
Middle Grade Education Dr. Emily Zuccaro John Hepner
Literacy (P-12) Dr. Emily Zuccaro John Hepner
School Counseling Dr. James McGinn John Hepner
School Librarian Dr. Ralph Turner John Hepner
Secondary Education Dr. Emily Zuccaro John Hepner
Special Education Dr. Michelle Gremp John Hepner
Master of Arts in Teaching:    
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Dr. Julie Rutland John Hepner
Middle Grades Dr. Julie Rutland John Hepner
P-12 Programs Dr. Julie Rutland John Hepner
Secondary Education Dr. Julie Rutland John Hepner
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Dr. Mary Jo Krile  
Master of Business Administration: Dr. Weiling Zhuang Hayley Anders
Master of Fine Arts: Creative Writing: Dr. Robert Johnson  
Master of Music: Dr. Nathan Jasinski  
Master of Public Administration: Dr. Jeongwoo Kim Katherine Collins
Master of Public Health:    
Health Promotion Dr. Phyllis Bryden  
Environmental/Occupational Health and Sustainability Dr. Gary Brown  
Master of Science:    
Biology Dr. Oliver Oakley  
Computer Science Dr. Mengkun Yang John Hepner
Criminal Justice Policy & Leadership Dr. Peter Kraska Amy Eades
Criminology & Criminal Justice Dr. Judah Schept  
Technology Management Dr. Michael Kennedy  
Exercise and Sports Science Dr. Heather Adams-Blair  
Psychology – General Dr. Robert Mitchell – Experimental
Dr. Myra Beth Bundy
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA-PSY)


ABA-PSY: Katherine Collins

Psychology – Ind/Org Dr. Jaime Henning Katherine Collins
Recreation and Park Administration Dr. Jon McChesney  
Safety, Security & Emergency Mgmt Dr. Tom Schneid Kim Chitwood
Instructional Design & Learning Technology Dr. Nedim Slijepcevic John Hepner
Master of Science in Nursing:    
Rural Health Family Nurse Practitioner Dr. Angela Wood Stephanie Konkel
Rural Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Dr. Rachael Hovermale Lindsey Turner
Master of Social Work: Dr. Dawn Higgins Amanda Stoddard
Specialist Degrees:    
Specialist Degree: Educational Admin & Supervision Dr. Ann Burns John Hepner
Doctorate in Education: Dr. Todd McCardle  
Doctorate in Nursing Practice Dr. Fontaine Sands Hayley Anders
Doctorate in Occupational Therapy – Professional Concentration Dr. Renee Causey-Upton  
Doctorate in Occupational Therapy – Post Professional Concentration Dr. Shirley O’ Brien Katherine Collins
Doctorate in Psychology Dr. McClellan  

Graduation and Commencement

Student at graduation having stole place on neck by professor.

All students in a degree or university certificate seeking program must apply for graduation. If you have applied for graduation and find you will not be able to meet one of these deadlines, you must notify the Graduate School prior to the deadline to avoid your application being cancelled. You may request a deferrment for up to one year.

Departmental Certificates, Professional RANK and Endorsements are not degree seeking programs/certificates and do not need to apply for graduation. You can verify your program status on your EKU Degree Works.

Deadlines to apply for graduation are listed found below. Applying after the dates listed will include the stated late fees. Be sure to apply early to avoid late fees! 

January 31 – Spring Deadline ($50 late fee after 1/31, $100 late fee after 3/15)
May 31 – Summer Deadline ($50 late fee after 5/31, $100 late fee after 6/30)
August 31 – Fall Deadline ($50 late fee after 8/31, $100 late fee after 10/15)

Please note that late fees are in addition to the $55 Graduation Application fee.
(Although late applications are permitted with late fees, the deadline to be included in commencement printed program is March 1st for Spring/Summer candidates & October 1st for Fall.)

Apply for Graduation Today through myEKU

Applications open:
Spring 2023 – May 1, 2022
Summer 2023 – August 1, 2022
Fall 2022 – December 1, 2021

FAQ’s regarding the graduation application.

Doctoral Candidates
Deadline to submit graduation application:
January 31st – Spring Commencement
August 31st – Fall Commencement
(Submissions after this date cannot guarantee commencement participation due to special ordering of doctoral regalia.)

Doctoral students who plan to participate in commencement should submit the Doctoral Participation form.

Attend GradFest to pick up regalia, confirm diploma name/address and more
Contact EKU Bookstore to order your graduation regalia.

Commencement Ceremonies
Commencement is held twice a year in the Spring (May) and Fall (December).  Students who are earning their degree in the summer are encouraged to attend the May commencement.  (Excluding Doctoral students who participate only after the degree is completed).  Please see the Registrar’s commencement information.

Diplomas are mailed out 6-8 weeks after the degrees are awarded.

Transcript Reflecting Degree
Your degree bearing transcript will be available after the end of the semester for which you complete all program requirements.
Fall: Mid-Late January
Spring: Mid-Late May
Summer: Mid-Late August

Thesis and Dissertation Requirements
The Thesis Guideline Summary explains how to format your document correctly which will speed up the submission process and allow you to receive your degree sooner. (Late submissions cannot be guaranteed to be cleared in time for graduation.)

Graduate Education and Research

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