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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the VTS course I want to take is full?

In most cases we will admit extra students who are passionate about Veterans Studies. Contact us and we will reach out to the instructor to see if it is possible.

How can I tell if a course will count as a “program-approved elective” for the Minor or University-level Certificate?

In general, the courses chosen in each category share a common theme (skills, diversity of perspectives, courses about veterans’ identities, cultures and experiences). But there are certainly courses that aren’t listed. Read the catalog and course description. If you think the course might qualify, contact us, and we will reach out to the instructor on your behalf to see if the course is suitable for the VTS program.

What is the VTS Capstone Project and how do I fulfill this requirement?

Students doing the VTS Minor or University-level Certificate complete VTS 401, a mentored project centered on scholarly or professional interests. Contact us to start the process.

Can I substitute my major’s capstone for the VTS capstone requirement?

Only if your project deals with topics relevant to Veterans Studies. You will also need to complete the VTS exit requirement if you take VTS 401 or a capstone in your major. Contact us when you reach this stage.

Where can I go to request an override to get into a VTS course or capstone?

The Override Request Form can help you request addition to class that has reached capacity, get into a VTS capstone section, or take more than the normally allowed number of hours (when appropriate). To check on the status of your request or ask questions about this process contact Dr. Michael Chen.

I am about to graduate. How do I get my VTS certificate and regalia?

Students who wish to receive the Veterans Studies sash must complete the Veterans Studies Exit Requirement, a short essay that asks you to apply concepts in Veterans Studies in hypothetical scenarios likely to occur in your future career. Students who take VTS 401 complete this requirement as part of the course. Students who take approved capstones in their major should contact us to gain access. Your responses are used for assessment purposes and will not influence your progression toward earning a Veterans Studies Minor or Certificate. If you only want your printed certificate and wish to forgo regalia, email Brianna Williamson with your 901 number and planned graduation date.

How can I sign up for VTS Internship credit?

Contact Holly Adams in EKU’s Career Services office to inquire about the internship process. Each intern has a “faculty supervisor” in their department and a “site supervisor” at the approved work site. KCVS faculty can serve as both faculty and site supervisors for VTS students, but only as site supervisors for non-VTS students. You can take between .5-8 credit hours of VTS 349 internship credit.