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Internships / Co-ops

Veterans Studies Minor Desi Dean poses for graduation

Veterans Studies Minor Desi Dean poses for graduation.

“I remember in 6th grade, I had to write about what I wanted to do when I grow up, and I said I wanted to work with people who had mental illnesses. Fast forward almost a decade later, and here I am with a B.S. in psychology with a concentration in psychiatric rehabilitation and a minor in Veterans Studies. I am working with adults who have mental illness(es) and getting ready to start on my Master of Social Work with plans of hopefully working with Veterans.”

-EKU Psychology Major and Veterans Studies Minor Desi Dean

Start An Internship with KCVS

1. Contact us so we can discuss your personal and career goals.

2. Contact at the EKU Office of Academic and Career Services (OACS) to start the internship paperwork.

3. OACS adds the internship courses to your schedule. You then work (80 hours of work per credit-hour sought) under your site supervisor at KCVS.

Internships and Cooperative Learning Experience

It is increasingly important for college graduates to gain “real world” experience to be competitive on the job market.

The Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies facilitates internships with community partners for students seeking a Minor or University-level Certificate. The center also serves as a learning site for students in any major who want to conduct research, develop an outreach program, or participate in an existing program.

What kind of work can I do?

That is entirely up to you! You first meet with a KCVS faculty / site supervisor and discuss your interests and professional goals.

If you want to develop a new program, the center will help open doors and point you in the direction of resources while structuring your experience and providing professional development opportunities. Of course, we always need support for ongoing efforts, so check out the programs under our Outreach section to see what is available.

We can accommodate both in-person and online students.

How many credits can I earn?

You can earn between .5-8 credit hours of internship credit, either through the Veterans Studies program or your major. Always check with an advisor to make sure internship credit can be used toward your program requirements.

What kind of experience should I expect?

Teamwork makes the dream work. You will be added to an online discussion group with other interns, volunteers and members of our student group, the Veterans Studies Alliance.

Your primary focus will be completing the project approved through Career Services. However, it is not uncommon for interns to help one another throughout the semester – the nature of your project may require assistance from others.

You will also be added to a Blackboard site where you will submit time logs and complete activities designed to help you articulate the experience you gain for the workforce. These activities will all count toward your hours.

Ready to do an internship with the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies?