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Student-Athlete Eligibility

Graduation of Athletes


  • 6 hrs. – Fall
  • 6 hrs. – Spring
  • 18 hrs. Fall and Spring
  • 24 hrs. Freshman FA+SP+SU
  • Progress Toward Degree- 40/60/80 – % of degree completion
  • Must be full time (12 credit hours UG, 9 Hours Graduation)


  • <2.00 EKU GPA

  • If you ever fall below a 2.0 EKU GPA you will go on Academic Probation and must earn a 2.0 Term or EKU GPA that next term to stay in school. If you don’t you will be placed on Academic Suspension.

  • <1.00 EKU GPA 


Watch this webinar for international college-bound student-athletes and their families. The one-hour webinar includes an easy-to-understand overview of the academic requirements, as well as perspective on the recruiting process from a former NCAA student-athlete.

You can find the link to the PDF of information shared HERE.

The National Federation of High School State Associations (NFHS) partnered with the NCAA Eligibility Center to develop and produce an online initial-eligibility course designed to assist coaches and the high school community on helping their student-athletes and families with the NCAA registration and certification process, as well as the academic standards needed to study and participate at an NCAA Division I or II college. 

This is our 25th Consecutive Semester with an All-Athlete GPA above a 3.0!

Bratzke Student-Athlete Academic Success Center

Crabbe Library 207E
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-1628
Fax: (859) 622-3074

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