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Bratzke offers a comprehensive learning support program. We serve student-athletes with academic support through the Learning Specialist and tutors to improve study skills, organization, time management, as well as course tutoring. Weekly sessions help our student-athletes balance academic responsibilities and develop skills to become effective learners. Assistance is given to students with documented learning disabilities or academic deficiencies to ensure they are registered with the Center for Student Accessibility. The Learning Specialist will work closely with Athletic Academic Counselors to identify academically at-risk student-athletes and conduct meetings with students to address academic needs. The Learning Specialist will coordinate services including screening, testing, access to academic accommodations and workshops.


The Learning Specialist will review incoming student-athlete’s GPA to determine if testing and/or tutoring will be advised. When a student-athlete enrolls with a GPA lower than 2.5, they will be referred for academic testing.


The LS will design and implement sessions to address goal setting, time  management,  organization, study skills, and self-advocacy. Sessions will also be designed to facilitate training for mentors, tutors, advisors, coaches, and other athletic staff regarding learning development and strategies.


Student-Athletes have the opportunity to check out a laptop for the semester. A contract is signed with the Learning Specialist at Check Out.


The Learning Specialist will schedule an appointment, and the test is administered. Based on test results, recommendations or referrals may be made to the EKU Counseling and Psychological Services to obtain a diagnosis of a suspected learning disability. Vocational Rehabilitation Services can also be contacted in the student’s home county. Recommendations are given for various other diagnosis that may be given by a general practitioner or audiologist.


Our office will comply with all state and federal guidelines. Information is only disclosed to the Learning Specialist and remains confidential.

Access to Academic Accommodations

Upon arrival all athletes will be asked to complete the “Bratzke Confidential Student Intake Form” The data collected provides the Learning Specialist with information to guide access to accommodations. If a student-athlete voluntarily disclosed that they had a 504 Plan or an IEP in place during high school, they will likely qualify for accommodations through the Center for Student Accessibility. The Learning Specialist will serve as a liaison with the CSA  by sending an email including the student to begin the first steps of the process.  The student- athlete may voluntarily allow the Learning Specialist access to their accommodations to provide support and help understanding policies and procedures related to academic accommodations and related services.

Dr. Bonita Cobb

Learning Specialist and Tutoring Services Coordinator

Office: Crabbe Library 207G
Phone: 859-622-4051   

Bratzke Student-Athlete Academic Success Center

Crabbe Library 207E
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: (859) 622-1628
Fax: (859) 622-3074

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