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Education & Applied Human Sciences 5 CEAHS Proficiency Route Acceptance

CEAHS Proficiency Route Acceptance

Proficiency Review Decision

Candidates who are admitted to the proficiency route must enroll in the appropriate clinical course. All candidates for teacher certification (initial or advanced) must enroll in CED 855 Clinical Practice. Candidates for school or district leadership certification must enroll in the appropriate clinical course for the specific licensure sought.

A recommendation for admission to a professional education program via the proficiency route will require completion of a minimum of one semester practicum course and may or may not require additional coursework as defined on the ELP.

At any time during the decision process, the application may be sent back to the prior decision level for additional review and/or clarification. The proficiency review committee or the department chair may revoke admission if a candidate fails to adhere to the Educator Learning Plan requirements and/or timeline.

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