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Practicum and Internship

This page is designed to guide students through the Practicum/Internship (P/I) application process. Students must apply each semester. It is important to follow all instructions. The Clinical Handbook will provide valuable information. Please read it carefully before applying.

Doctoral Students seeking internship should contact their advisor for information. 

Are you ready for practicum/internship (P/I)? View the list of pre-requisites or contact your advisor. For a listing of available sites, please visit Tevera.  Once on Tevera, go to Site Placements, My Site Placements, My Sites and Browse All Program Sites

NOTE: If you know a potential practicum/internship site that is not listed in our database, please contact the Practicum/Internship Coordinator. We are always looking for new sites to serve the needs of our students.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the Practicum/Internship application process, please contact the Practicum/Internship Coordinator. 


Faculty Practicum/Internship Coordinator:
LeAnna Hensley

Practicum and Internship Application Deadlines

March 25, 2024
– All SUMMER 2024 clinical mental health counseling practicum and internship applications are due.
– All FALL 2024 school counseling practicum and internship applications are due.

May 3, 2024
– All FALL 2024 clinical mental health counseling practicum and internship applications are due.

Practicum or Internship applications can be accessed through Tevera. If you do not have a Tevera account, please contact LeAnna Hensley.

Application Requirements (Please visit the Site Placement tab on Tevera for the most current list of requirements):

  • Application
  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance (Not your personal medical/auto insurance)
  • Review of Clinical Handbook and Signed Acknowledgement
  • Clinical Placement Waiver
  • Place of Employment Verification (submit only if doing P/I at place of employment)
  • Site and Site Supervisor Information
  • Orientation Verification
  • Background Check

After the Close of the Application Window:

  • Student Orientation:  Required of all students applying for Practicum and First Semester Internship
  • Student Fall 2024 Orientation Date:  Friday, July 19, 2024 at 5:30pm (Zoom link to be sent prior to the orientation)
  • Background Checks for Practicum Students:  Additional information will be sent after the close of the application window.
  • CRN for Course Registration:  Will be sent approximately two weeks after the close of the application window to all students with completed P/I applications.
  • GPA Submission:  Will be sent via Tevera.

Experience Documentation (to be completed DURING P/I) (NOTICE: It is each student’s responsibility to keep copies of all documentation for personal/professional records required for licensure.) The following documents should be completed via Tevera.

  • Counselor-in-Training Disclosure/Informed Consent form
  • Permission to Record form
  • Supervision Contract (Practicum/Internship Agreement)
  • Weekly Clinical Hours Log
  • Activity and Summary Hours Log form
  • Midterm PCPE Evaluation form (to be completed by Site Supervisor via Tevera)
  • Final PCPE Evaluation form (to be completed by Site Supervisor and University Supervisor via Tevera)


Site Evaluation (to be completed at the END of the P/I experience via Tevera)

  • Site Evaluation form (to be completed by student)

Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students ONLY: LPCA Application (to be completed during the LAST semester of Internship) Complete to apply for licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA).

Application for Licensure as an LPCA

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