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Recent Updates

6/10/24 Update:
  • Modification on page 41 regarding the use of institutional logos on awards and plaques

  • Updated visual examples on pages 17, 24, and 57
4/24/24 Update:
  • Clarification and updated stationery, letterhead, and thank you cards on page 79
2/28/24 Update:
  • Clarification on page 7 regarding permissible references to the name of the mascot
  • Corrected information on page 20 in alignment with promotional assets and licensing section beginning page 38
  • Updated clarification on page 32 for accent color usage guidelines as a suite (color block)
  • Resolved typos on page 41 and throughout
  • Addition of Adobe preset download and file according to EKU Printing standards on page 86
12/5/23 Update:
  • New guidance for promotional assets beginning on page 38
    • Clarification on when to use primary logos and when to use institutional logos
    • Research to contextualize the strategic function of promotional assets in your communication plans
    • Key factors to consider before ordering
  • Updated guidelines for Club Sports on page 24
  • Clarification on use of Bebas Neue font in Google Slides on page 34
  • Updated Equal Opportunity statement and usage clarification on page 77
9/13/23 Update:
  • Usage clarification and addition of public EKU Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries for print and for web including correct color codes and select logos/word marks. Links available on page 30 and at the Branding Resources Page.

8/25/23 Update:
  • Layout adjustment and usage clarification on page 29
8/18/23 Update:
  • Updated Table of Contents for ease of use
  • Optimized file to avoid compression errors
  • Clarification on the use of the Official Seal by permission only on page 16
  • Updated minor typos on pages 24, 35, 54, 71, and 79
  • Alignment of Equal Opportunity Statement on page 71

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