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Communications & Brand Management 5 Canva Enterprise and EKU

Canva Enterprise and EKU

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Canva is a widely-used graphic design platform known for its ease of use and powerful features. It allows anyone, regardless of design experience, to create beautiful visuals with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

With a library full of templates, images, fonts, and icons, you can quickly produce high-quality communications for any purpose. It’s the go-to tool for creating, collaborating, and sharing visual content – from social media to flyers to presentations to video and more.

Why We Love Canva

  • Design with Ease: Whether you’re crafting event flyers, email graphics, or social media content, Canva Enterprise offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that anyone can master. No design experience required!
  • On Brand, Every Time: EKU’s fonts, logos, colors, icons, imagery, graphics, and pre-designed Brand Templates readily accessible at your fingertips.
  • Easy Photo and Video Editing: Canva Enterprise offers photo and video editing tools like cropping, filters, image adjustments, transitions, and animations, allowing you to enhance your photo/video directly in the platform.
  • AI Hacks and Time-Savers: A comprehensive suite of AI-powered design tools integrated into Canva’s platform. It leverages artificial intelligence to boost creativity, streamline workflows, and scale content production.
  • Collaborate Seamlessly: Work together in real-time with colleagues. Just like the Google Drive Suite, you can share designs, gather feedback, and make edits simultaneously, all within Canva.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere: Canva is cloud-based, so you can access your designs from any device, at any time. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, your work is always within reach.
  • Save Time, Boost Productivity: Say goodbye to complicated design software. Canva Enterprise is trusted by leading organizations worldwide for its unparalleled ease of use and robust feature set.

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Upgrade Today

Ready to get access to everything Canva Pro offers and more? We thought you’d never ask.



Is there a cost associated with a license?

Yes. Individual seats are $150 per year.

Hang on. Isn't that a big expense for smaller units?

Great question! If you’re creating content that’s seen by the public (students, alumni, faculty, staff, community members, and friends of the university), the value is well worth the cost. A Canva subscription remains less expensive than alternatives like the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Canva also offers greater ease of use, more sharing options and is well suited for supporting branded communications.

Do you need access Canva Enterprise but couldn’t secure approval? Let us know!

Can multiple people use the same “individual seat”?

Seats are for individual use.

Do I have to get brand approval before downloading?

Brand approvals are now optional. We strongly recommend submitting your design for approval – especially if you’re creating high visibility content (for marketing/recruitment or public-facing events, for example). An extra set of eyes never hurts, and our team is ready to help you achieve your communication objectives efficiently and effectively!

All official university communications must abide by the guidelines in the Brand Guide – but sometimes, the best option is to just check with your colleagues in Communications and Brand Management!

Designs are approved during office hours. Designs submitted after hours or during a university break may not receive approval until offices reopen.

How do I sign up?

Submit a form here; then, we’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days. Once a license is set up for the user, you’ll accept the invitation to connect to Canva via email. You’ll be creating beautiful new designs in no time.

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