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Communications & Brand Management 5 Canva Enterprise and EKU

Canva Enterprise and EKU

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create digital and print pieces. It is available on web and mobile, and integrates resources such as images, graphic elements, and templates. The Office of Communications and Brand Management owns a Canva Enterprise account, which is not the same as the free or pro version. Our goal with Canva at EKU is to provide you with the tools you need to produce high-quality graphics and documents while increasing brand consistency for the university.

Highlights of the EKU Canva Enterprise Account

  • With Canva Enterprise, you’ll get access to over 15 templates, photography library, and elements/icons library. The libraries are updated on a monthly basis.
  • The system allows a submit for approval process, so our team can review/edit and provide feedback on any designs being completed.
  • Cost is $150/year per seat/email address added to the system.

Are you interested in acquiring a license?

  • Interested departments can contact CBM via
  • When a license is purchased for a department, CBM must have an org code to charge and an email account for the user.
  • The cost per user is $150. CBM will use an inner-account form to transfer funds.
  • Each license must be renewed in January of each year – cost is subject to change annually.
  • CBM recommends that you designate 1-2 users to use the software on behalf of the department. Each user needs a license even if you are working within the same department.
  • Once a license is set up for the department, the user must accept the invitation to connect to Canva via email (email will come from Canva versus an EKU email address).

Training and Resources

  • Once a license has been set up, users will receive a link to the training video.
  • Canva also offers training videos for all users that can be accessed on their website or via YouTube.
  • Design Best Practices
  • Brand Guide


  • Once you are using Canva Enterprise through EKU, you cannot continue to also use a pro account.
  • You cannot use Canva Enterprise to get other branding approvals, such as promotional items.
  • You must use the folder for your area to maintain files for your department.
  • If your department is not using the software for 6 months, we will reach out to notify you before removing access. We’ll make sure you don’t incur the cost by terminating the license. Don’t worry! If you lose your license due to inactivity, you can reach out to get it renewed.

Brand Protection

  • Some Canva features are limited to stay consistent across campus, but if there’s a feature you’re missing, let us know at
  • Brand kits are your perfect one-stop shop for logos, colors and assets. Use RGB for digital designs and CMYK for anything printed.
  • An extra set of eyes never hurts – we’ll review your designs quickly to make sure you’re following the latest edition of the Brand Guidelines.

Approval Process

  • Designs are approved during office hours. Designs submitted after hours or during a university break may not receive approval until offices reopen.
  • Designs must follow proper file naming: Year_ProjectName_Purpose (ex: 2023_BigEWelcome_FlyerPrint)
  • You must receive approval within Canva before downloading design for use.

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