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Campus Recreation 5 Indoor Track

Indoor Track

The track is open to patrons of the facility during hours unless otherwise noted. Equipment including free weights is not permitted on the track. However, specific equipment may be permitted at the discretion of the staff.

Indoor Track Guidelines: 

  • Please place all personal items in cubbies or day use lockers. Personal belongings should not be placed on the track wall
  • The track is for runners, joggers, and walkers only.  Spectators must use lower level.  Standing at the rail is prohibited.
  • All beverages must be sealed in non-glass spill proof bottles.
  • Participants should circle the track in the direction specified.
  • All walkers should position themselves to lanes 1 and 2, while all runners should position themselves to lanes 2 and 3.
  • Fast joggers/runners have the right of way and should pass on the outside.
  • Spike shoes, turf shoes, boots, sandals, and open-toed shoes are not permitted on the track.
  •  Stretching must be confined to the designated stretching areas located in the corners of the track.
  • Throwing or dropping items from the track is not permitted.

Campus Recreation


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Phone: Front Desk (859) 622-6751 / Main Office (859) 622-8145


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