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Noel Studio for Academic Creativity

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About the Noel Studio

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity programs exist to create innovative support for communication, research, and teaching and learning initiatives that enhance deep learning at EKU. The Noel Studio is a multiliteracy center offering integrated support for writing, speaking, research, and multimodal communication. We help students develop effective communication skills by promoting critical and creative thinking through peer-to-peer meetings called consultations, as well as by providing technology, spaces, and resources, with or without a consultation. Additionally, the Noel Studio serves as the umbrella program for multiple campus units, including those that support faculty development via the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning (FCT&L). You can access our Mission, Vision, & Values and learn more about our history, staff and structure, and how our programs support students and faculty development, as well as how we can work with faculty to integrate writing and communication support into their classroom, using the left-side navigation menu, “Explore the Noel Studio.”

About the Space

The Noel Studio space is designed to help you think critically and creatively as you brainstorm, plan, draft, and refine your communication projects. Centrally located in the John Grant Crabbe (Main) Library and designed to facilitate multiple learning styles, the Noel Studio is a 10,000 square-foot space that encourages active learning and collaboration.

What can I do in the Noel Studio?

Work alone, in small groups, or with a trained Noel Studio consultant in an interactive, high-energy environment; print materials and adjust multiple high-tech and low-tech spaces to accommodate diverse learning styles, communication projects, and collaborative groups; and move furniture  to create your own ideal environment for designing effective communication.

Invention Space

Brainstorm ideas; collaborate with peers in small and large groups; save and share your outlines, brainstorms, and plans using the KappBoard, a whiteboard with digital storage; and use  low-tech manipulatives, like Legos, Play-Doh, and writeable, magnetic tiles, to plan, prototype, and increase creativity and productivity.

Practice Rooms

Reserve with or without a Noel Studio consultant to plan, draft, and refine individual communication projects; rehearse and record individual presentations; and watch and reflect on a recorded presentation.

Breakout Spaces

Reserve with or without a Noel Studio consultant to plan, draft, and refine group communication projects; rehearse and record group presentations; and reduce speech anxiety by inviting a few friends or classmates to act as your “practice audience.”

Media Wall

Use a keyboard or touchscreen capability to design, create, and revise visual aids; bring a laptop to connect to the large monitor to better visualize and facilitate a group project; and use the large monitors to view and revise research posters in a truer-to-size format.
Noel Studio Breakout 3
Equipped with a large, touchscreen SMART board and moveable node chairs

  • Small, moveable chairs with desk attachments create a dynamic, fluid atmosphere that can quickly rearrange according to need
  • Touch-screen SMART board and dry-erase boards accommodate both high- and low- technology approaches to teaching and learning
Noel Studio Discovery Classroom (Library 310D)
Equipped with three projection screens and moveable furniture

  • Around the room projection and comfortable, moveable furniture allows for dynamic, interactive presentations
  • Inspires informal discussion between students and faculty in a non-traditional classroom setting.
Noel Studio Conference Room (Library 310K)
Equipped with one projector, dry-erase boards, and conference-style tables and seating

  • Flexible meeting space that offers students and faculty an alternative to classrooms or boardrooms for professional presentations and collaborations.

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity

521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-7330

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