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DACUM Fees for Service

There are several factors to consider in pricing a DACUM Occupational Analysis. When considering Facilitation Center costs, keep in mind:

  • The initial panel is conducted over a two-day period; and
  • The process requires two facilitators and often a support person to assist with the panel.

There are also other direct and indirect costs to consider with a DACUM Occupational Analysis:

  • The panel consists of six to eight high-performing workers, so their time away from work is an indirect cost;
  • If the panel is coming from different geographic locations, travel expenses may need to be factored into expenses; and
  • Meeting expenses, such as food and beverage and space rental, are typically incurred by the client.

These fees for service, as well as the direct and indirect costs, are typically less for the validation and management reviews. These reviews are typically conducted in one day or less, thus reducing several expenses.

Because each meeting is unique, the Center works with clients to outline a scope of work to meet their specific needs. Once this is determined, staff proposes a firm-fixed price that includes meeting design, preparation, on-site facilitation, supplies, travel costs (if applicable), and the occupational profile chart. Once the firm-fixed price is agreed upon, a service contract is generated.  Invoices are submitted after the occupational profile chart has been generated and delivered to the client.

If you would like to receive a quote for service, we would be happy to discuss your project and develop a quote for your consideration. To arrange a preliminary discussion and quote, please contact Stefanie Ashley.

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