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Nursing 9 Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for Second Degree BSN Program

The Admission Scale & Essay Grading Rubric is used to evaluate all 2nd Degree BSN applicants.

  1. Evidence of completion of a Bachelor’s degree (baccalaureate degree) in a non-nursing discipline from an accredited college or university
  2. Minimum baccalaureate GPA of 2.5
  3. Completion of all pre-requisite coursework in the following EKU–or EKU equivalent–courses: Anatomy and Physiology I (EKU BIO 307), Anatomy and Physiology II (EKU BIO 308), Microbiology (EKU BIO 273 or EKU MLS 209), Nutrition (EKU NFA 201), and Statistics (EKU STA 215, STA 270, COR 400, CRJ 400, PSY 309, QMB 200, SOC 232 or HEA 350). The science and the nutrition classes must be completed within the last five years prior to entering the program unless an exception is granted by the department. There is no five year time limit on the statistics course. Prerequisite courses may be completed full time or part time at EKU or other institutions.

Applicants should review the application process and refer to the 2nd Degree BSN application form instructions for requirements for transcripts, international student requirements, essay, and references.

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