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Nursing 9 How to Apply Traditional 4 Year BSN

How to Apply Traditional 4 Year BSN

How to Apply to the Traditional 4 Year BSN Program

Learn about the Traditional 4 Year BSN program.

  1. Students ready to take pre-nursing courses NSC 232, 232L, 242, and 252 must meet with a CHS academic advisor to complete an Override Request Form. Once the form is signed by the student AND advisor, the student will submit the form to the School of Nursing office in Rowlett Building Room 223 for review and approval by the School of Nursing chair.
  2. While enrolled in NSC 232, 232L, 242, and 252, in the first few weeks of the semester, activate a CastleBranch account according to the link/instructions in the BSN handbook clinical section.
  3. In the first few weeks of the semester, review the EKU specific clinical documentation guidelines (in BSN handbook) and gather all immunization records, health insurance certificate/letter and CPR documentation. All documentation must be uploaded in CastleBranch and accepted/approved by the CastleBranch review team prior to submitting a BSN application by October 31 or March 31.
  4. Review the BSN application form instructions and work to obtain the listed required documents for attachment to the application form.
  5. Submit the completed BSN application form with stapled attachments by October 31 (spring admission) or March 31 (fall admission) by hand delivering to the School of Nursing office in Rowlett Building Room 223.

BSN Application Success Tips

  • The BSN application form titled “Application for Admission to Standard Prelicensure Clinical Nursing Sequence” is found in the forms section of the BSN handbook posted on the baccalaureate page. This form is for students seeking admission to the traditional 4 year BSN program (the 4th semester clinical nursing sequence — NSC 332, 332L, 350, 380, and 380C).
  • Start working early to complete the unique EKU clinical requirements needed to obtain clinical documentation for upload in your CastleBranch account–well in advance of the BSN application deadline. TB test documentation, health insurance certificate/letter, CPR documentation, drug test and background check are required. The process to obtain health insurance documentation, titers, boosters and series of immunizations can take up to 4 – 6 weeks– in some cases.
  • Carefully review each of the detailed clinical requirements in the clinical section of the BSN handbook (posted at Applicants must comply with each unique clinical requirement precisely as outlined in the BSN handbook.
  • If you need assistance with CastleBranch, call customer service at 888-723-4263.
  • The Documentation Check-Off Sheet for Application is attached to/submitted with the BSN application form. The student fills out by hand the dates of the clinical documents.
  • Attach the following documents stapled to the BSN application according to the form instructions:
    • EKU DegreeWorks Audit(PDF format)
    • Student Documentation Check-Off for Application(BSN handbook forms section) filled out by hand.
    • Copy of transcript of any transfer coursework from institutions other than EKU—only if the transferred coursework is not listed in your DegreeWorks.
    • Blank Traditional Undergraduate Admission Scale Form (BSN handbook forms section)

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