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Eastern Kentucky University

Office of the Registrar

Registrar 5 Requests


Request for Social Security Number Change

If you are or have been employed by EKU (full-time, graduate assistant or student worker), you will need to change your Social Security Number through the Human Resources Department. Please contact them for the requirements to make name changes.

If you are not and have not been an EKU employee, you must use the SSN Update form.

You must submit a copy of your signed Social Security Card for your request to be considered.

Requesting Duplicate Diplomas

Students with lost or damaged diplomas may wish to order replacement diplomas. Replacements for a University Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, or Master diploma are available for a fee of $45. The Doctoral diploma replacement fee is $60.

To request a duplicate diploma: Please complete the Duplicate Diploma Request Form Online.

Upon receipt of the order form, please allow three – six weeks for processing & printing.

Request for Change of Name

If you are or have been employed by EKU (full-time, graduate assistant or student worker), you will need to change your name through the Human Resources Department. Please contact them for the requirements to make name changes.

If you are not and have not been an EKU employee and you are a current student, you must use the Personal Information Change Request form. Additional details such as date of birth, or gender may also be updated/changed using this form.

Below is the list of acceptable documentation for each change.

  • Address Changes, Emergency Contact Changes, Name Changes, or Date of Birth: Driver’s license; or Passport; or government issued photo ID with Driver’s license number/passport number/ID number marked out and not visible
  • Gender: Driver’s license; or passport; or government issued photo ID with Driver’s license number/passport number/ID number marked out and not visible and court order legalizing gender identity; or pre/post-operative documentation from a qualified health care provider; or letter from a mental health professional who is providing care, and which is written on letterhead with original signature.

Preferred Name, Gender, and Pronoun

The University supports an open and inclusive environment through the establishment of preferred name, gender identity, name prefixes, and pronouns, for use within University systems, where feasible. Not all University information systems, databases, and processes may be able to store or display these identifiers, and there may be situations that require use of the Legal Name or Legal Sex. Therefore, individuals who utilize a Preferred Name or Preferred Gender within University systems should always be prepared to reference their Legal Name and Legal Sex, as well and to provide corresponding identification when necessary.

Eastern Kentucky University recognizes and strives to support the need or preference for members of the University community to refer to themselves by a name other than their legal name. As long as the use of this name is not intended for the purposes of avoiding legal obligations or misrepresentation, the University acknowledges that a preferred first and/or middle name may be used where possible in the course of University business.

Eastern Kentucky University will use a student’s preferred name wherever a legal name is not required on campus including on internal documents, communications, systems, and web portals such as:

  • University ID Card (Beginning January 2023)
  • Class rosters and grade rosters
  • Dean’s List, Dean’s Award, President’s Award
  • Email*
  • Degree Works
  • Big E Central Portal
  • MyEKU Self-Service
  • Blackboard
  • Diplomas and University Certificates* (apostilles often have to be legal name)
  • Public Directory, unless a FERPA information block has been requested

*By request only

A preferred name will not be used on outgoing mail or documents that require a legal name such as:

  • International Student and Scholar Services Documentation
  • Transcripts
  • Financial records
  • W-2 forms
  • Enrollment data
  • Financial aid documents
  • National Student Clearinghouse
  • Athletics Rosters
  • Police or Public Safety Records

The University will not accept a preferred name that is vulgar, offensive, obscene, or fanciful, creates confusion of the individual with another individual, or otherwise constitutes misuse or abuse as defined in this procedure. The use of a preferred name cannot be used for the purpose of misrepresentation and must otherwise comply with university policies, including the Student Code of Conduct. The Registrar or designee will determine if a student’s preferred name is appropriate under these criteria.

Preferred Gender, Pronouns

Eastern Kentucky University recognizes and strives to support the expression and self-identification of gender identity and pronoun usage. As long as the gender assertion meets the requirements, voluntary self-identification options at this time include the following:

Gender Identities

  • Agender
  • Cisgender
  • Female
  • Male
  • Non-binary
  • Transgender


  • he, him, his
  • she, her, hers
  • they, them, theirs
  • ze, zie, hirs

If selected by an individual, preferred prefixes and pronouns will be added to the person’s entry in the University’s public directory to facilitate communication based upon the person’s preferences. While the use of preferred pronouns and prefixes are recommended and encouraged wherever possible, the University cannot guarantee that preferred pronouns and prefixes will appear in all cases and in all communications. It should be understood that even when a Preferred Gender has been entered in various University information systems, Legal Sex will be used wherever required by University business or legal need.

Specific examples that may require use of Legal Sex include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Financial, medical, and law enforcement documents
  • Transcripts and diplomas
  • W-4 forms, I-9 forms and payroll documents
  • Visa/immigration documents
  • Information provided to airlines for issuing tickets
  • Employment related documents and personnel files
  • Background check documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Federal reporting

In order to request a change to your preferred name, gender, pronouns, etc. with the university, please submit a Personal Information Change Form.

Declaring a Program of Study (Changing Your Major)

Q: What if I want to change my program of study?

A: Current and newly admitted students are required to contact an advisor representing the new program of study they wish to pursue. Newly admitted students are strongly encouraged to do this before attending student orientation. Students that have not been formally admitted to Eastern Kentucky University may contact the Office of Admissions to have their application updated to reflect their newly chosen program.

Q: How do I add or change a major, minor, concentration, or certificate?

A: You will first need to complete the Major Change Form. Some students may have special conditions regarding major changes; be sure to follow the instructions detailed on the form carefully! You are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor in the department of your desired new major to discuss your proposed changes before submitting the form.

Q: What if I am not sure which program of study I want to pursue?

A: Students are encouraged to speak with an advisor for any program they are considering. Advisors are able to provide detailed insight into program requirements, how changing will impact your progress, and help ensure you find the best program for you! Students can also find additional information regarding each program that is offered at EKU through the Academic Programs and Curriculum Guides page.

Area of Interest


Accounting; Agriculture; Marketing/Management; Network Security/Computer Information Systems; and more…
(859) 622-1086
Education & Applied Human Sciences
Communication Disorders; Interpreter Training; Teaching; and more…
(859) 622-4403
Health Sciences
Apparel Design/Merchandising; Athletic Training; Child/Family Studies; Dietetics; Environmental Health; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; and more…
(859) 622-6577
Justice, Safety, & Military Science
Criminal Justice; Emergency Medical Care; Fire Science; Homeland Security; Occupational Safety; Police Studies; and more…
(859) 622-6845
Letters, Arts, & Social Sciences
Communication; Economics; English; Government; History; Languages; Music; Psychology; Social Work; Sociology; and more…
(859) 622-8920
Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science/Cybersecurity/Gaming; Forensic Science; Geology/GIS; Math/Statistics; Pre-Engineering, and more…
(859) 622-8922
Pre-Law (859) 622-7698 
Medicine; Optometry; Pharmacy; Veterinary; and more…
(859) 622-7894

(859) 622-1296

Office of the Registrar

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