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Teaching Resources

Five smiling EKU Honors Leadership Institute presentersThis page provides more information for faculty members interested in teaching honors courses for the first time and veteran faculty members in EKU Honors.

Courses are typically taught by faculty as part of their normal teaching load. Faculty members who wish to teach in the honors program should first approach their department chair to secure departmental support for their work in honors instruction.

Each May, EKU Honors hosts a faculty workshop for those interested in teaching honors courses. This event is held on the Tuesday following the spring commencement ceremony.

Honors Faculty Resources

Relevant Articles

• “College Students Think They Learn Less with an Effective Teaching Method,” Timmer, John (Ars Technica, 2019)
• “Defining Honors Culture,” Slavin (Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 2008)
• “Ethnogenesis: The Construction and Dynamics of the Honors Classroom Culture,” Ladenheim, Kuhns, & Brockington (Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 2011)
• “Honors Course Design,” National Collegiate Honors Council
• “Honors 2025: The Future of the Honors College,” Scott, Frana (Honors in Practice, 2008)

EKU Honors Information

• Honors Program Mission and Vision Statements
• Honors Program Curriculum
• Honors Seminar Course Numbers
• Syllabus Requirements for Honors Program Courses
• Writing-Intensive Course Information
• Sample Course List
• Sample HON 102 “Honors Rhetoric” Syllabus
• Sample Syllabus – HON 308W/312W/320W “American Women and Their Voices, 1870-1920”
• Sample Short Structured Research Assignment from “Art and Science in the Renaissance”

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