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Housing and Residence Life

Housing & Residence Life 5 Grand Campus

Grand Campus

An image of Grand Campus at EKU, with the text "Grand Campus Apartments".

EKU Housing and Residence Life offers apartment-style living for upperclassmen students, which includes the conveniences of campus life. Grand Campus is a 500+ room apartment complex, exclusive to EKU returning or transfer students with 60+ earned credit hours or those who are 21+ by the first day of the Fall semester. Grand Campus offers a beautiful on-campus location with many amenities that are not found in standard traditional Residence Halls.

Grand Campus Floor Plans

Below you can view an example room layout for the styles offered in Grand Campus Apartments. Please note, these layouts do not reflect the exact room style and should be used as a general reference. Because of the varying sizes of spaces, exact dimensions for specific spaces are not available. 

Bed Maximum Height – 2’4″

Bed Size for Sheets – 71.5 x 48

Floor plan of Grand Campus at EKU, four beds.





Exclusive to EKU Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate Students, Grand Campus Apartments offer individual bedrooms and bathrooms with a shared living space, full kitchen, and private laundry room. 

Room Dimensions

Below are the standard room dimensions for the Grand Campus Apartments. Please note, spaces vary by size and the below dimensions are reflective of a typical room and to be used as a reference only. Exact dimensions for a specific space are not available.

Building Name Standard Room Dimensions Standard Window Size
Grand Campus 12’5″ x 10’5″

22″ x 50″ (Privacy)

78″ x 60″ (Double Window)

38″ x 60″ (Standard)


Closet: 87 x 28.5 x 99 inches

Vanity Top: 29 x 18.5 x 27 inches

Desk: 42 x 22 x 28 inches

Services and Amenities

Clubhouse: In addition to EKU Housing’s Grand Campus office, you will find a full Rec-room and Lounge inside the Clubhouse, including a pool table, multiple large screen televisions, and a small computer lounge with printer access.
Common Area: Each unit features a common area with kitchen dinette/chairs, barstools, sofa, end table, coffee table, and entertainment center all included in the unit.
Laundry Closet: Each unit contains a washer/dryer combo for use by all four residents. All units are now free for student’s use.
Wireless Internet: Each unit has access to high-speed internet, provided for the entirety of Grand Campus.

Grand Campus Contact Information

Front Desk: (859) 622-2532

Residence Hall Coordinator: Josh Hash,

Graduate Residence Hall Coordinator: Kenzie Howard,

Mail to the residents of Grand Campus should be addressed in the following way:

First Last Name:
Eastern Kentucky University
Mail Services, Powell Building
225 Park Drive
Richmond, KY 40475


A maroon background with white text saying "GRAND CAMPUS ROOM SELECTION AY 2023 - 2024"

Grand Campus Room Selection Process

Are you interested in living at Grand Campus in the Fall of 2024? The Grand Campus Housing Selection process is separate from other Residence Halls on campus. Pay close attention to the details below.


Who is eligible to live at Grand Campus?

  • Upperclassmen EKU returning students are eligible to live at Grand Campus.
  • You must be a returning or transfer student with 60+ earned credit hours before the start of the Fall semester OR be 21 years old by the first day of the Fall semester.
  • Your class standing is determined by your completed credit hours plus your enrolled credit hours on February 1.
  • Students must have a full group of 4 students to select a space at Grand Campus between February 5-7.
  • Room Selection for groups of 3 or 2 open to all eligible students no matter lottery time on February 8 – February 10.
  • Group formation begins on January 10.

Applying to live at Grand Campus:

  • To apply to live at Grand Campus you must meet the requirements listed above and apply to housing by February 1.
  • The Housing Application will go live on November 15 at 10 a.m. Eligible students must select they are wanting to be a part of the Grand Campus Selection process in the application.
  • If you do not get an apartment during this process, you will be added to the standard housing selection process and will need to break up the roommate group into smaller groups of 2.
  • If you do not have a roommate group, you will be able to select into any open Grand Campus spaces during the standard room selection process.
  • A $100 nonrefundable Housing Commitment Fee must be paid to complete the Housing Application.
  • Please fill out the roommate matching questions honestly. These questions will show your percent of similarity with other students also looking for roommates.
  • Room selection and roommate pull-in will begin on February 7.
  • Completing your Housing Application early does not guarantee a space in Grand Campus.

Room Selection and Roommate Pull-in at Grand Campus

  • Room Selection at Grand Campus will be determined by a lottery system with Seniors having an earlier selection time than Juniors. All eligible applicants will be assigned a date and time to choose a space in February.
  • Students will be able to sign into their Housing Portal at their designated date and time to choose their space.
  • If you do not have other students you would like to live with, you can utilize the roommate matching function to see how similar you are to other students that are also without roommates beginning January 10.
  • Students must have a full group of 4 students to select a space at your group leader’s assigned lottery time. Group formation begins on January 10.
  • Co-ed housing is only available in Grand Campus and all parties living in the apartment must be in agreement.  If you are eligible for Grand Campus and wish to live in a Co-ed Apartment your group formation and room selection must be completed through the Housing Office.  Please email Housing.  An email from all group members confirming participation in the group must be received in order to facilitate this selection.  The person with the earliest selection time will need to contact the housing office on their selection day.
  • Students wishing to select a space in a group of 3 or 2 will be able to do so on February 8 through February 10.

Important Grand Campus Room Selection Dates

  • January 10 – Roommate matching begins for eligible students
  • February 1 – Deadline to complete Housing Application to participate in Priority Room Selection
  • February 2-5 – Students eligible for Priority Selection notified of lottery times
  • February 5-7 – Verified Roommate Groups of 4 can select a Grand Campus Space
  • February 8-10 – Verified Roommate Groups of 2-3 can select a Grand Campus Space

Living at Grand Campus

Grand Campus residents are expected to abide by all policies and procedures noted earlier in this Guide. Additional expectations, procedural differences, and information follow.

Permitted Items Prohibited Items

Air Fryer

Air Popcorn Poppers

Coffee Pots and Keurig machines

Crock-pots / Rice cookers

Electric Shavers

George Foreman or similar grills

Hair Dryers



Microwave Ovens (less than 700 watts)

Pop-up toasters

Power Strips (UL-approved) with circuit breaker


Refrigerators (less than 4.5 cubic feet)

Sandwich makers / Quesadilla makers

TVs and Stereos

Adhesive Lights

Air Conditioners (additional or privately owned)

Appliances with open heating flame or element:

Candle warmers

Deep fryers

Electric heaters or Space heaters

Hot plates

Oil popcorn poppers

Open coiled or open flame appliances

Convection ovens

Induction cooktops

Toaster ovens



Extension Cords

Gasoline, Oil, Kerosene, and Other Flammable Liquids


Lava lamps

Neon lights

Octopus lamps

Outlet Extenders or any device that increases the number of outlets

Torchiere Lamps

Bed Risers

Light Bulbs

If a light bulb goes out please put a work order into the maintenance request system and the light will be replaced by Aramark staff.
If there is a ballast issue in the fixture itself, maintenance repairs it and then Aramark replaces the bulb.

Balconies and Patios

Grand Campus residents will be provided with outdoor furniture for their balcony/patio area. Residents agree to maintain the balcony/patio area neat and clean at all times. Clothing, sheets, rugs, towels, appliances, and other unsightly items are not permitted in the balcony/patio area. Alcohol is never permitted on any balcony. Damage to outside furniture can result in damage fees.

Vehicle Registration and Parking

The Grand Campus parking lot is a University Residential Parking Zone GC requiring a Purple Parking Permit. If a resident needs an accessible parking permit, please refer to the following link.

Fitness room

The fitness room is currently closed due to COVID-19.

HVAC Upkeep

One reusable, washable filter is provided in each apartment HVAC unit. Residents are asked to clean filters once per month by running it through one cycle in the dishwasher.


All Residence Hall rooms are equipped with Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi. Please note, personal routers interfere with campus Wi-Fi and are not permitted.


A stackable washer/dryer unit is provided in each apartment, high efficiency detergent is required for the unit. Please take care to not overload the washer/dryer. Should issues arise with your washer/dryer unit please notify the RHC or GRHC immediately. Service to the Laundry Units are performed on Tuesdays or Thursdays once reported.

Pool Rules and Policies

The pool is currently closed.

Roommate Matching and Room Selection

Follow the steps below to create and add someone to your roommate group:

  1. Log into the Housing Portal and select Housing App & Room Info.
  2. Select the AY 2024-2025 Term.
  3. Check your Roommate Profile to ensure your Web Screen Name is your EKU email address and that you have the box selected if you want others to be able to search for you.
  4. If you are the group leader, you can create a group and name the group. Please make the name simple and remember to notify all members of the group with the name you have chosen.
  5. You can search for other students using two methods: If you know the students Web Screen Name, you can search by name. If you are unsure of who you wish to live with, you can use suggest roommates and the system will show other students whom you are highly matched with.
  6. Invite the students who you want to live with. Can’t find someone? Have the other student log into their housing portal and ensure you have the correct Web Screen Name. If you are putting together a multi-gender apartment, please email
  7. Each student you add will need to log into their housing portal and confirm that they wish to be in the group.
  8. Once the group is verified (the system will show Verified with green box), you are ready to select a room during: February 5-7 – Grand Campus Room Selection for groups of 4 based on lottery times. February 8-10 – Grand Campus Room Selection for groups of 3 or 2 open to all eligible students no matter lottery times.
  9. DOUBLE CHECK that everyone you want to pick a space with is in your group and you have no pending requests!

Housing and Residence Life

521 Lancaster Avenue
Mail: CPO 51, Whitlock Room 552
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1515


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