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Housing & Residence Life 5 Requirements and Exemption Requests

Requirements and Exemption Requests

All single, full-time, undergraduate students under the age of 21, having fewer than 60 hours, or less than four academic semesters living on campus, are required to live in university residence hall facilities. Exception is made for students residing with their parents in the parents’ primary residence within 50 miles of the Richmond campus as determined by an official state map. Full-time students must be 21 years of age, have completed 59 hours prior to the first day of class of any given semester or lived in campus housing for four academic semesters to live off-campus for that semester. Students failing to meet this requirement will be assessed the lowest-price residence hall fee and board fees where appropriate.


Please be advised that only housing arrangements contracted through the Office of Housing either through the office’s website or by paper application provided by Housing will be considered an on campus living assignment for the purpose of fulfilling the University’s residency requirement.



If you DO meet the exception listed above (living with parents), an additional Commuter form must be completed to request the exception.

If you DO NOT meet the University’s residency requirements for off-campus living, you must also complete the following steps by July 15th to prevent the assessment of housing charges.

  1. Select the form that is appropriate for your situation (Request for Housing Exemption or Commuter Form). The form is in pdf format.
  2. Print and complete the form.
  3. Submit the form to the Housing office, attaching any relevant information.

Until an exemption is approved, housing charges will be assessed at the lowest-price residence hall fee and board fees where appropriate. All paperwork and supporting documentation must be received before classes begin. Requests submitted after the commencement of classes, if approved, will be charged a processing fee to file completed paperworkCompleted forms and relevant information may be either hand delivered to the Housing office, which is located in room 552 of the Whitlock Building, or mailed to:

EKU Housing
Whitlock CPO 51
Eastern Kentucky University
521 Lancaster Ave.
Richmond, KY 40475


Falsification of information subjects the student to applicable fees and/or disciplinary procedures. Regardless of age, certain regulations apply in residence halls. The University reserves the right not to contract with persons who are currently violating the terms and conditions of a housing contract, who have previously violated the terms and conditions of a housing contact, who have violated University rules or regulations, or who have a past due balance with the University.

Housing and Residence Life

521 Lancaster Avenue
Mail: CPO 51, Whitlock Room 552
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1515


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