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Eastern Kentucky University

Housing and Residence Life


Important Offices

All phone numbers listed below begin with 859-622-

Office Location Phone Extension Email
Admissions Whitlock 112 2106
Bookstore Powell 14 2696
Colonel ONE Card Office Powell 08-E (fountain level, next to Starbucks) 2179  
Financial Aid Whitlock 251 2361
Parking Commonwealth Ste A (2ns floor) 1063
EKU Police 701 Vickers Dr. 1111  
Registrar Whitlock 239 3876
Student Accounting Services Whitlock 210 1232
Center for Student Accessibility Whitlock 361 2933

You can find information for other offices in the EKU Directory.

Important Forms

Visit the link to view the documents below. Students will need to log into the housing portal to download and submit documents.

To avoid delays, please submit forms electronically through the student housing portal whenever possible. Forms and documents that are emailed, faxed, mailed, or hand delivered to the office may experience a longer response time.

Request for Release or Exemption from the Housing Contract

Commuter Form

Housing Cancellation Request

Request a Housing Commitment Fee Deferment

Community Standards


Eastern Kentucky University is an alcohol-free campus except for areas designated by the President, including Grand Campus and specific events at the Center for the Arts.

All Residence Halls except Grand Campus (if you are over the age of 21) are alcohol-free. Residents and guests may not consume or be in possession of alcohol in alcohol free locations. Knowingly being in the presence of alcohol may also constitute a violation of University policy. Empty alcoholic beverage containers, either in one’s possession or in one’s assigned room are violations of University regulations, and are not permitted as room decorations. Guests of residents are not permitted to bring alcohol in or around any alcohol-free housing facility. Residence Life staff reserve the right to stop anyone from bringing alcohol into residential facilities. Residents and their guest(s) may be asked to open backpacks, bags, coolers and other containers when entering a Residence Hall. Both residents and guests may be denied entrance if they do not cooperate.

Grand Campus residents and guests of residents may only possess or consume alcohol if the Grand Campus resident and any other persons consuming alcohol are of legal drinking age. Any guests found violating Residence Life policies, including policies related to possessing or consuming alcohol, regardless of age, may be asked to dispose of the alcohol and leave Grand Campus property.

Residents of drinking age must dispose of empty alcoholic beverage containers (cans, bottles, boxes, etc.) properly and in a timely manner. Empty alcoholic beverage containers are not permitted as room decorations, such as empty can pyramids or empty boxes displayed as “trophies,” regardless of the resident’s age.

Per Kentucky State Law (K.R.S. §222.202), and the EKU Housing and Residence Life policy, alcohol may not be consumed on Grand Campus balconies, at the Grand Campus pool, or anywhere other than within the walls of the assigned Grand Campus apartment.


Fish are permitted in the Residence Halls. Fish must be kept in bowls or aquariums of less than 10 gallons. No other animals are permitted to enter or be kept in the Residence Hall. Any resident in violation of this regulation will need to immediately remove the animal from the premises. An exception is made for required service animals or assistance animals approved through the accessibility office. For additional information, contact the Housing and Residence Life office.


Residents may not hang bicycles from ceilings or walls of balconies/patios, and may not store bicycles inside the Residence Halls. Bicycle racks are provided near all Residence Halls for your convenience. Residents are responsible for providing an adequate lock to secure their bicycles. Bicycles left on racks at the end of the academic year will be considered abandoned and removed prior to the beginning of the next academic year.

Bunk Beds and Bed Lofts

Living spaces with twin size beds are able to bunk if both residents wish to do so. It is the resident’s responsibility for ensuring proper placement of bunks and un-bunking of beds. Failure to do so will result in damage charges. Bunk beds may not be placed in front of windows, under sprinkler heads, or in front of heating and air conditioning units. Bed lofts are no longer authorized for use in the residence halls. Bed lofts are no longer allowed in the Residence Halls. Please note that bed risers are also not permitted.

Controlled Substances/Drugs

The manufacture, sale, possession, use, and intent to distribute controlled substances(s) or paraphernalia which has been declared illegal by municipal, state, or federal law is prohibited in or around campus housing. Individuals who partake in this activity are subject to both University and judicial action.


Residents are expected to maintain their living area in an appropriate manner. Each living space will be reviewed by Residence Life staff prior to occupancy and again upon check-out. Residents will be billed for damages/loss of University property when failing to exercise reasonable care. Additionally, damages in common areas (i.e. hallways, elevators, bathrooms, stairwells, etc.) may be billed to all residents assigned to a floor or building.


Residents may personalize their room within established guidelines. Residents residing in a Residence Hall with drywall walls should reference the EKU Housing and Residence Life drywall policy prior to personalizing the space. Housing and Residence Life allows straight pins and thumb tacks to hang items on the walls; all other adhesive material or nails/screws damage walls resulting in damage charges. Fire regulations prohibit covering more than 20% of the walls or room door with flammable material. No decorations may be attached to the ceiling or near fire equipment, including sprinklers.


Residents are expected to immediately report to the University any infectious or contagious disease occurring or existing within the Residence Halls. Please see your Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) for assistance.

Hall Sports

Hall sports and other potentially dangerous activities are not permitted within any living spaces. Examples of this include wrestling or rough-housing, throwing sports balls or bouncy balls, rollerblading in the hallway, water pong, etc.

Permitted/Prohibited Items Within Residence Halls

Housing restricts use of electrical appliances within the Residence Halls. All appliances must be connected directly to an outlet or to a UL-approved power strip with a self-contained circuit breaker. Residents must be present when using any cooking appliance or iron within the Residence Hall.

Candles, incense, and any item with an open flame or exposed heat source are potential fire hazards, and thus are prohibited within all living spaces. This policy includes candles that have never been burned and floor heaters.

Please see Device Compatibility for a list of devices that are compatible with the EKU wireless and wired networks.

Permitted Items

Prohibited Items

Air Popcorn Poppers

Air Fryers (at Grand Campus or Main Kitchen of any other Hall).  Limited to 1,500 watt max.

Coffee Pots and Keurig machines

Crock-pots / Rice cookers

Electric Shavers

Hair Dryers



Microwave Ovens (less than 700 watts)

Power Strips (UL-approved) with circuit breaker


Refrigerators (less than 4.5 cubic feet)

TVs and Stereos


Adhesive Lights

Appliances with open heating flame or element, including but not limited to:

Air Fryer

Candle or wax warmers

Deep fryers

Electric or space heaters / Air conditioner units

Hot plates

George Foreman or similar grills

Oil popcorn poppers

Open coiled or open flame appliances

Convection ovens

Induction cooktops

Sandwich makers / Quesadilla makers

Toaster ovens / Pop-up toasters


Burning of incense


Extension cords

Gasoline, Oil, Kerosene, & Other Flammable Liquids

Hoverboards, Electric Scooters, & Similar Transportation Devices

Lava lamps

Octopus lamps, torchiere lamps, neon lights

Outlet Extenders or any device that increases the number of outlets

Room Dividers/Screens

Bed Risers

5-Gallon Water Cooler Appliances

Bed Risers

Garbage Removal

To promote safe and sanitary living conditions, residents are required to bag their trash and place it in the trash chute, floor garbage cans, or dumpsters. Trash should never be left in common areas or hallways. Trash chutes are not designed for heavy items including boxes, furniture, carpets, etc. Please take these items to designated areas within your hall.

Aluminum/steel, plastic, and paper may be recycled in designated areas within each Residence Hall. Residents who must use hypodermic needles and syringes for medical reasons must dispose of these items properly. If needed, a sharps container may be requested upon check-in.

Health and Safety Inspections

Living space inspections are conducted during the semester to maintain safe and sanitary living conditions. Inspection times will be posted at least 24 hours in advance. Residence Life staff, and if necessary, Health and Safety officials, will check for room cleanliness, potential health or safety concerns, and maintenance needs. Residents do not need to be present for inspections.

Implied Consent

Each resident is responsible for all activities, behaviors, and items that occur or are found within their assigned living space. By allowing the existence of inappropriate behaviors or items that violate policy, the resident has non verbally consented to the violation(s). Residents are responsible for reporting inappropriate behaviors or prohibited items.

Noise and Quiet Hours

Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day. Residents and their guests are expected to avoid excessive noise in the hallways, common areas, and around the Residence Halls.

Quiet hours are in effect from 9:00pm to 8:00am daily. During quiet hours, Residents and their guests are expected to avoid making noise that can be heard outside the resident’s living space. Twenty-four hour quiet hours will be in effect during final exams.

Operating a Business

Residents are not permitted to carry on any organized business or other commercial activity from their room or within any on-campus residential area. This includes, but is not limited to, cosmetics sales, jewelry sales, and charging for electronic repairs.

Room Entry by Staff

While Housing and Residence Life staff members make every reasonable effort to respect privacy, University officials or staff members have Right of Entry, for the following reasons:

  • In cases of emergency
  • To address maintenance concerns
  • Pest control
  • Health and Safety inspections
  • When resident or guest behavior appears to violate the law, University regulations, or policies

Additionally, Housing and Residence Life staff members may need to enter a room to turn off unattended stereos, radios, persistently ringing alarm clocks or other noise producing objects. The University reserves the right to exercise its right-of-entry in all cases but will make reasonable attempts to notify residents in advance. If residents are believed to be in violation of a University policy, Residence Life staff reserves the right to ask residents to open spaces within the room and to administer sanctions issued thru the disciplinary process.

Safety Devices

Tampering with fire and safety equipment in the residence halls or in any campus building is prohibited. Tampering includes pulling false fire alarms, discharging fire extinguishers, removing exit signs, and interfering with smoke detectors and sprinklers. Students responsible will be assessed for all damages that occur as a result of their tampering with fire and/or safety equipment. In addition, all violators are subject to judicial action, financial restitution, and possible criminal prosecution. All student rooms and stairwells are equipped with closing mechanisms. Tampering with closing mechanisms is prohibited.

Smoking/Use of Tobacco Products

The use of all tobacco products is prohibited on all property that is owned, leased, occupied, or controlled by the University. The Tobacco Free Campus policy includes all forms of tobacco, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookah), electronic cigarettes, bidis, clove cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products (snuff, chewing tobacco, and dipping tobacco).


Solicitation is prohibited in campus housing/living spaces except when conducted by a Residence Hall staff member within their scope of duties. Residents are asked to report any violations of this policy to an RHC/RA. University affiliated organizations may have materials posted in designated common areas within the Residence Hall but must first seek approval. Contact EKU Housing and Residence Life for additional information.


Possession of firearms including air pistols, BB guns, pellet guns, paint guns, or other weapons such as ammunition, explosives, fireworks, swords, large knives, sling shots, bow and arrows, look-alikes or replicas of any weapon (Nerf or similar products), etc. is prohibited in and around the residence halls.


Vinyl covered dumbbells up to 50 pounds each and workout sets are permitted in carpeted rooms. Barbells are not permitted in the residence halls.

Community Resources

Housing Contract Terms & Conditions

You may view the current Contract for Campus Housing.

Residential Curriculum

Eastern Kentucky University Housing and Residence Life aims to provide residents with enriching opportunities for further growth and development through individual and collective experiences. As part of our mission, the EKU Housing and Residence Life Residential Curriculum seeks to enhance and connect the collegiate experiences held in the classroom by with exciting events and opportunities in and around our Residence Halls. As a result of living in our communities, residents will experience:


Work towards strategies to establish independence, evaluate their personal beliefs, utilize campus resources, and navigate progress towards academic success.


Work towards strategies to build connections with others from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and reflect on how varied perspectives influence communities.


Work towards strategies to assess their own impact on their communities, navigate conflict with civil discourse, and build positive relationships with others.

University Behavior Policies

Living on campus is an important part of the learning experience at Eastern Kentucky University. On campus residents have the opportunity to meet new people from a wide range of backgrounds, share a living space, participate in activities, and truly find out what it is like to be independent.

By living on-campus, a student is a member of the university residential community. As a member of the University residential community, residents are bound by all policies and procedures including, but not limited to, the Student Code of ConductStudent Handbook, and Residential Community Guide. Students are responsible for knowing the University’s regulations, disciplinary procedures, and penalties.

Medical Amnesty Policy

You won’t be punished for helping a friend. If someone needs medical attention because of drugs or alcohol, they and you are protected by medical amnesty. Just call, stay, and cooperate.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy and Resources

The Residential Community Guide

One of the most exciting and memorable aspects of the collegiate experience is the opportunity to live and learn with other students. Eastern Kentucky University Housing and Residence Life believes a student’s residential environment is an integral component of their education. As such, EKU requires all freshman and sophomore students to reside within University housing facilities. The residential experience complements the academic mission by providing a dynamic environment where living and learning interconnect. Furthermore, students are progressively empowered through the nurturing, supportive, and challenging opportunities offered through the various components of our residential curriculum.

Many students have never lived away from home or shared a room before coming to College and are anxious about how the experience will be. Adjusting to residential life means establishing new ground rules, negotiating different standards of sharing and fairness, and learning to respect others’ priorities and opinions. It is important that you think about your priorities and how you might accommodate your needs and those of your roommate(s) in a new environment. A support network is available to help you through the transition. Our halls are staffed with both Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs) and Resident Advisors (RAs) to help you transition in and navigate during your time at EKU.

Living on campus and away from home is a big decision for you and your family. However, in doing so, you have increased your opportunities to learn, grow and make lifelong connections and memories. You are already a member of your first EKU club. All residential students are members of our Residence Hall Association (RHA), a student organization that coordinates events for you and advocates for your needs. We hope that you take advantage of all that we have to offer from RHA, RA events, and our National Residence Hall Honorary (for the top 1% of leaders among you). If you have a question about the campus, our staff are a wealth of knowledge. We look forward to meeting you during move-in as you begin this exciting next chapter of your life.

Guest Policies

Visitation Policy Update

Effective Fall 2021 –

Guests are permitted to visit at any time in all halls. Guests are not required to be checked in but should remain with the host at all times. All other university code of conduct and Housing and Residence Life Community Standards policies remain in effect.

Guests must be 18 or older to visit a resident in the halls. People under the age of 18 may be permitted in the building if they are with a parent or guardian between 10:00am and 8:00pm. Guests under 18 are not permitted to stay in any hall overnight.

Guest(s) in Room Occupancy

The number of guests at one time is limited to two people and residence life staff reserve the right to limit guest hour privileges. Double occupancy and simple suite-style rooms have an occupancy limit of 4 persons per room at any given point in time. Super-suite or apartment-style rooms are limited to 2 guests per resident or no more than 12 guests per suite or apartment at one time.


Cohabitation in the residence halls is prohibited. Cohabitation exists when a person who is not assigned to a particular residence hall room uses that room as if they were living there. The resident’s roommate’s comfort level supersedes all guest privileges. When a guest’s continual presence hinders a roommate’s ability to study, sleep, and/or occupy their room, this will be considered a violation of the cohabitation policy. Examples include, but are not limited to:

● Using the room while the assigned occupants are not present

● Utilizing a key/fob to enter a room assigned to another person

● Keeping clothing and personal belongings in another person’s room

● Sleeping overnight on a regular basis (more than 3 nights in a 7 day period)

● Use of the bathroom and shower facilities as if living in that room

Future Resident FAQs

Visitation is a time when a guest is permitted to visit with you in your room. All guests must be accompanied by the resident (host) who lives in that residence hall. You may only host a guest in the hall in which you live.

Residents who fail to escort guests while in the building will be subject to judicial action. Residents who host guests are responsible for the actions of their guests. Housing staff reserves the right to limit the number of guests.

Guests must be 18 or older to be in the building. People under the age of 18 may be permitted in the building if they are with a parent or guardian between 10:00am and 8:00pm. Guests under 18 are not permitted to stay in any hall overnight. The number of guests at one time is limited to two people and residence life staff reserve the right to limit guest hour privileges. Double occupancy and simple suite-style rooms have an occupancy limit of 4 persons per room at any given point in time. Super-suite or apartment-style rooms are limited to 2 guests per resident or no more than 12 guests per suite or apartment at one time.

Cohabitation (staying as a visitor overnight more than 3 nights in a 7 night period) is prohibited in all halls.

Housing Contract

Understanding the Housing Contract

Similar to a lease, when a student applies and is accepted to live on campus at EKU, they enter a contract for the academic year in which they will live on campus. Below is a review of what is included in the Housing Contract, as well as a copy for you and your student to review prior to completing the online housing application.

Click to view a complete copy of a Housing Contract.

Housing and Residence Life

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