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Parents and Families

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Why should my student live on campus?

At EKU we have a first and second-year student residency requirement because we strongly believe that living on campus provides both immediate and long-term benefits. National and regional studies specific to Eastern Kentucky University confirm that students who live on campus:

  1. Stay in school and are likely to have higher GPAs than those who never lived on campus.
  2. Are more involved in campus activities and have more contact with faculty, University staff members, and other students, which results in deeper, more meaningful relationships that often continue beyond their time at EKU.

In addition to academic benefits, our Residence Halls also provide many other benefits to those living on campus.

  1. Student safety is our top priority in each Residence Hall. Each hall has a manned front desk and staff on-site if a student needs any assistance. All Residence Hall rooms have both smoke detectors and sprinklers.
  2. Living on campus is convenient for students and provides them with a short walk to classes, dining halls, and on campus activities. They do not have to drive back and forth to campus and worry about parking inconveniences. Other facilities like the library, computer labs, and the student recreation center are also easy to locate as an on-campus resident.
  3. Every student who lives on campus has access to the University’s technology through either a direct hard-wired or wireless connection in their Residence Hall. Furthermore, every hall has computer areas available for residents to use. This helps with proficiency and speed when completing assignments.
  4. Students who live on campus only pay one all-inclusive bill, which eliminates potential charge confusion. They do not have recurring expenses such as rent, utilities, Internet, etc.

When combined, these benefits create an atmosphere of success and support that results in students enjoying their on-campus experience.

Regarding the residency requirement, even though it is not preferred, the university will allow students to commute from the primary home of their parents or legal guardian. A Commuter form must be completed and approved to avoid housing fees for breach of the residency requirement. Students will be charged for housing until the commuter form has been submitted and approved by Housing and Residence Life. Students will be notified of approval/denial within 3-5 business days of receiving their commuter form.

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Residential Community Guide

Living on campus is one of the best decisions a student can make during their college years. In order to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for all of our students, it is important parents and students are familiar with the guidelines for living in an EKU Residential Community. Take a few minutes to review the Residential Community Guide and become familiar with the rules and guidelines of our campus community.

Understanding the Housing Contract

Similar to a lease, when a student applies and is accepted to live on campus at EKU, they enter a contract for the academic year in which they will live on campus. Below is a review of what is included in the Housing Contract, as well as a copy for you and your student to review prior to completing the online housing application.

Click to view a complete copy of a Housing Contract.

Residency Requirement:

Unless eligible to live off campus, all students enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University are required to live on campus. Students who are eligible to live off campus are those students who meet one or more of the conditions below:

  • are 21 years of age before classes commence
  • have completed 60 or more hours
  • have lived on campus for at least 4 academic semesters. (summer and winter terms do not count)
  • are married (submission of a copy of a marriage license may be requested)
  • have a dependent (proof of dependency may be requested)

View a complete description of our residency requirement.

Length of Contract:

The length of the contract is for the academic year, which is defined as from the beginning of the Fall semester through the conclusion of the Spring semester.

Housing Prepayment:

Along with the signed contract, students are required to pay a nonrefundable $200 housing pre-payment that serves as a room reservation and a deduction from the total cost of Fall student housing. This pre-payment needs to be paid only once per Academic Year.

Late Checkout Fee and Improper Checkout Fee:

Residents who do not check out properly with their hall’s staff may receive an improper checkout fee and students who do not check out by the posted times may be assessed a late checkout fee


Regardless of the situation or circumstances that created the situation, unless a student is in a private room, any student without a roommate will be required to go through the consolidation process to be paired up with another student who is also without a roommate. During consolidation, students without roommates are provided a list of others that will undergo the consolidation process, in hopes they will find a student with similar interests. The Residence Hall staff will help facilitate this process. After a specified period, the Housing office will arbitrarily pair any remaining students together within each hall.


The University is not responsible for the loss or damage to a resident’s or other person’s money, valuables, or personal property for any cause. It is strongly encouraged that a student living on campus obtain renter’s insurance to insure their personal property.

Termination of Contract:

Unless approved by Housing, students may not terminate their housing contract. Students who meet the eligibility requirements to live off campus mid-year may exercise the buyout provision of the Housing Contract.


There is a provision in the Housing Contract that would allow a student who is eligible to live off campus to buy out the Spring semester portion of their contract. The cost of the buyout is 40% of the semester rate for whatever building the student is assigned. To exercise the buyout, a student must notify the Housing office BEFORE the halls close for the Fall semester.

Important Offices

Below is an easy guide to contacting important offices you or your student may need to reach.

All phone numbers listed below begin with (859)-622-

Office Location Phone Extension Email
Admissions Whitlock 112 2106
Bookstore Keen Johnson 2696
Colonel ONE Card Office Powell Student Center 2179  
Financial Aid Whitlock 251 2361
Parking Mattox Hall 1063
EKU Police Mattox Hall 2821  
Registrar Whitlock 239 3876
Student Accounting Services Whitlock 210 1232
Center for Student Acessibility Office (CSA) Whitlock 315 2933  

You can find information for other offices in the EKU Directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there differences in prices for different Residence Halls?

A: The prices vary based on the amenities. We have rooms ranging from traditional to suite style to studio apartments. Traditional rooms are offered with or without sinks in the room. We encourage students and their parents to review what each room offers prior to making a housing decision.

Q: How does my student apply for housing?

A: Your student can apply by going to the Housing Portal. The application requires a non-refundable $200 pre-payment for each Academic Year (if you pay it in Fall, you do not have to repay it for Spring). Payments on the application must be made by Credit or Debit card. The pre-payment will come off of the total cost of housing for that semester. Please note: The student must be admitted as a full-time, undergraduate student before the Housing Application/Contract is available.

Q: When can my student apply for housing?

A: Applications for new students for the Fall of 2022 will go live on December 1 at 9AM. The application for the Spring of 2022 will be available on October 19. These dates may vary from semester to semester, but we will post expected delays on our website and social media pages.

Q: Are private rooms an option for my student?

A: Due to current space limitations private rooms are no longer an option at Eastern Kentucky University. For upperclassmen, Grand Campus and South Hall both offer private rooms for students.

Q: When will my student find out their housing assignment?

A: Housing selection for new students will begin in late spring/early summer. Students will have the opportunity to choose their space and their roommate. Check back in March for additional information.

Q: How does my student request a specific roommate?

A: Students will have the opportunity to select their preferred roommate when they choose their space in early June. If you do not have a roommate in mind, you can utilize matching software to see other student profiles that scored similar to you on the roommate matching profile questions.

Q: Can my student see their room before move-in?

A: Unfortunately the volume of students we are assigning will not afford us the ability to show every incoming student their room. However, there are pictures and dimensions listed on each Residence Hall’s page on our website. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to visit a sample room during their on-campus visit through the Office of Admissions.

Q: What do the rooms have in them?

A: Each room is equipped with a bed, closet, a dresser or chest of drawers, a desk, and desk chair. Rooms also all have high speed wireless Internet.

Q: What size are the beds? What size sheets do I need?

A: All mattresses are Twin XL (80″ x 36″) except in Telford Hall, where the mattresses are standard Twin (74″ x 36″). Mattresses in Grand Campus are Full Size (74″ x 52″). Mattresses in Martin Hall Super Suites and North Hall Super Suites are also Full XL (74″ x 52″).

Q: What size refrigerator and microwave can they have?

A: The refrigerator can be no larger than 4.5 cubic ft. The microwave must be less than 700 watts.

Q: How does my student connect to the University Internet?

A: His or her computer must be equipped with either a 10/100 Ethernet Network Card (for wired internet) or a wireless network card. For wired Internet, you will need at least a 25’ CAT-5e or CAT-6 network cable.

Q: What can my student bring and NOT bring?

A: We encourage residents to bring anything that will make their room feel more like home. However, there are certain items that are NOT allowed. Please visit our What To Bring page for the lists of items that are permitted and those that are not permitted.

Q: I want my student in a single-gendered hall, is that possible?

A: At this time, EKU Housing is not offering single-gender halls. However most Co-Ed buildings are single gender by floor.

Q: Does my student need to move out during breaks when the halls are closed?

A: Students are not required to move out, but are encouraged to remove all of their valuable belongings.

Q: We have a bill on our account for housing and our student lives at home with us, why is that?

A: Unless the conditions of the university’s residency requirement are met, your student is responsible for filling out a Verification of Living with Parents form to verify this and have the charge removed from their account. This form must be submitted BEFORE classes begin. Verification forms submitted after classes begin will see charges reduced according to the university’s refund schedule. EKU’s Colonel Compass lists all deadlines associated with each term.

Q: We have a bill on our account and our student lives in an apartment, why is that?

A: EKU has a residency requirement. If your student is under 21, has less than 60 credit hours, and does not live with you at home and within the 50-mile radius of the university, they will be charged for living on campus. Students who wish to request to be exempt from the residency requirement may submit a Request for Housing Exemption form to Housing.

Q: When can my student move in to their Residence Hall?

A: Move-in day for the different classifications will be announced on our website prior to move-in day.

Q: Can my student have a car on campus?

A: Yes. However, they will need to purchase a parking pass. More information can be found on the Parking Services website.

Q: How do you cancel housing?

A: Cancellations for housing must be submitted from the student in writing via email (from their EKU account), mail, fax, or in person. Once the contract has started and the student is enrolled in classes, they are bound by the housing contract. If they want to request an early release from their housing contract due to financial or medical hardship, they may APPLY to do so by using the Request for Housing Exemption form. However, there is no guarantee it will be granted.

Q: I want to send my student something, what is the address?

A: Mailboxes are located in the Powell Student Center for U.S. mail, campus mail, special delivery mail, and packages. To expedite delivery, please use the address below for the format you will need to use:

First Last Name:
Eastern Kentucky University
Mail Services, Powell Building
225 Park Drive
Richmond, KY 40475

Q: Are animals allowed in their room?

A: No, the only pets allowed are fish in no larger than a 10-gallon tank.

Housing and Residence Life

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