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Candidate Review

Shortlists and Candidate Interviews

Application Review and Shortlists

The Search Committee begins review of applications, utilizing the evaluative tools and rubric that have been developed. The Search Committee may determine a preliminary list of candidates and conduct phone interviews at this stage.

Based on initial review of applications, the Search Committee will determine a short list of candidates, typically 3-5 people. The Department Chair will track applicant candidacy in OES.

Finalist Interviews

The Search Committee schedules and interviews candidates:

  • All Search Committee members should be available to participate in each candidate interview.
  • Approved interview questions should be applied consistently to all candidates.
  • During the interview process, notes should be taken that document candidate strengths and weaknesses, including reasons for non-hire. Search Committee notes should be kept as part of the search records by the Search Committee Chair.


Hiring Recommendations and Candidate References

The Search Committee identifies a candidate recommendation(s) and evaluates candidate references. The Department Chair will continue track applicant candidacy in OES by moving appropriate candidates into the “Reference Check” workflow state.


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Search Committee