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Terms of Faculty Appointment

A Terms of Faculty Appointment (or you may use the Archived TOA PDF) must be completed for all new full-time faculty hires, including for administrators holding faculty rank, and each year thereafter upon reappointment of the faculty member.

The TOA documents the details of the appointment, including

  • Home college and department
  • Academic rank and title
  • Appointment period
    • For a typical academic year, the appointment period will begin on the Monday before Fall Semester Convocation and end on the Monday following Spring commencement.
  • Base salary and appointment period salary
    • For faculty, base salary typically refers to the annual salary associated with the faculty member’s 9-month appointment.
      • Faculty promotions and across-the-board pay increases are generally added to the faculty member’s base salary.
    • The appointment period salary may differ from the base salary.  For example, the appointment period salary will be different when:
      • The appointment period does not reflect the dates for a typical academic year (e.g., Spring-only appointments).
      • The salary for the appointment period includes administrative assignments with additional months of pay and/or a stipend.
  • Tenure-track status and probationary period
  • Special conditions of the appointment, if any. (For example, adjustments to the standard probationary period.)
    • The TOA is pre-loaded with customizable draft language for commonly used special conditions of the appointment.

The TOA is prepared by the Dean or designee and reviewed and signed by the Dean, the Department Chair, the candidate, and the Provost. The TOA should be reviewed carefully for accuracy, clarity, and completeness before going to the candidate for signature.

Terms of Appointment Process

Dean/Designee –> Chair —> Candidate –> Provost (initial appointment only)

For questions or feedback related to the Terms of Faculty Appointment, contact the Provost’s Office.

Forms, Templates, and Guides
Terms of Faculty Appointment Docusign Powerform
Archived Terms of Faculty Appointment (PDF)

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