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Requesting a Search

The responsibility of allocating faculty positions falls to the Provost in partnership with Deans and other academic leadership. All faculty position allocations are thoughtfully considered and vetted carefully in keeping with the university’s mission, goals, and values as well as our collective academic interests and enrollment demands. The Request for Faculty Position form has been adopted to ascertain the needs of the academic unit for each faculty position requested. The form is updated prior to each faculty hiring review cycle and distributed directly to Deans by the Provost’s Office.

Requesting a faculty position happens several times a years via the process established by the Provost’s Office and starts with collection of all faculty position requests for discussion and consideration. Academic leaders will use the Request for Faculty Position 2021-22 form for all full-time faculty positions. Library faculty proposals may skip the Student Success Information and adjust the narrative questions to reflect the central mission and goals of University Libraries.

The Request for Faculty Position form will harness data such as student success information (retrieved from the Office of Institutional Research), faculty effort, and the strategic mission of the academic unit and of the University to prioritize faculty hiring.

The approved Request for Faculty Position is good for two years from the date of approval. Emergency hires may be considered outside of this process on an as-needed basis.

Further information regarding the process to request a faculty search will be forthcoming.

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